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Shika 4.0.0 beta version for Joomla 4 is here


Few weeks ago, we released the Shika 4 alpha version for Joomla 4. We are now happy to announce the release of Shika 4.0.0 beta version that is now compatible with Joomla 4.

We plan to release a stable version of Shika 4 in the coming few weeks.

Read on for the important notes and detailed changelog.

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Celebrate Diwali with Techjoomla with flat 35% off on Shika, 20% off on all Techjoomla Products and flat 10% off on Bundles


Techjoomla is all pumped up for Diwali. The festival of lights is just around the corner and to celebrate Diwali, we are offering a flat 35% off on Shika, flat 20% off on all products and 10% off on all bundles.

Diwali offer has been extended and coupon code is only valid till 15th November, 2021.

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CopeCart integration with Shika LMS in CopeCart Connect


We are happy to announce a brand new integration between the German Payment and affiliate provider CopeCart with Shika, our Joomla learning management system(LMS). Recently, the Joomla! Developer Roland Meier from Medialekt added this feature into the CopeCart Connect extension, so purchases via CopeCart get directly enrolled in Shika.

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Shika 1.3.41 is here with several improvements & bug fixes


We are happy to announce the release of Shika v1.3.41 which brings several improvements & bug fixes. In this release we have introduced a Country code selection field in the course checkout for the phone number & also allowed a way to allow you to choose which type of group is created when a group related to a course is auto created via Shika.  This release has also removed a lot of duplicate language strings which will make it easier to translate Shika in other languages. Read on for the full changelog. 

We invite you to be part of the community for the best Joomla LMS in the Joomla ecosystem today! 

Buy Shika Now!         View Shika Demo!

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Celebrate Diwali with flat 35% off on Shika, 20% off on all Techjoomla Products and flat 10% off on Bundles


Note that the Diwali offer has been extended and coupon code is only valid till 23 November, 2020.

Grab this Deal on Products! Grab this Deal on Bundles! Grab this Deal on Shika

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Digistore24 integration with Shika in Digistore Connect


We are happy to announce a brand new integration between the German Payment and affiliate provider Digistore24 with Shika, our Joomla learning management system(LMS). In the past week, the Joomla! Developer Roland Meier from Medialekt added this feature into the Digistore Connect extension, so purchases via Digistore24 get directly enrolled in Shika.

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Shika 1.3.30 is here with new course layouts, new button layouts on course pin view and new course reports


The wait is over! We are super happy to announce the release of Shika 1.3.30 which brings a whole lot of new features for you. Two new course layouts-Compact and Extended, new “Reader View” for “Link as Lesson” lesson type, new button layouts, and course price range on course pin view and two new course reports. 

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Any content can be a lesson with Shika LMS for Joomla!


Delivering and tracking learning programs is one of the fundamental features of an LMS. While most LMS will support online delivery and tracking of some standard learning formats like SCORM, not a lot of other content can be used for online viewing with the ability to track. Tracking can mean a lot of things - tracking time, Progress, Scores, etc. Depending on the lesson type Shika supports some or all of these tracking parameters. 

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Shika 1.3.10 brings support for large exams, integration plugins and more!


We are happy that we have yet another feature packed Shika release getting released today! Key highlights are - Support for Large Exams, Safe Exam Browser integration & a new “integrations” plugin structure that allows plugins to define course level configuration. Ability to add a user to a Joomla user group and adding a user to an Easysocial g...

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TJ Queue - A message queue for Joomla


As we go on in our pursuit to use Joomla in never-seen-before use cases a few interesting problems came forth.

  • A web-hooks implementation: Similar to how plugins can declare triggers they want to listen to, webhooks allow external applications to register URLs that can receive a JSON payload when an action happens in an application. Since there could be multiple webhooks, each webhook call is queued as a message and happens asynchronously.
  • In Shika: Recalculating user progress in the background. When a new lesson is added to a course, Shika recalculates each enrolled user’s progress to take into account the newly added lesson. When there are a lot of lessons and a large number of users enrolled in the course, this recalculation cannot happen in real time. In this case, a recalculation job does this in the background once the lesson is saved.
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Shika 1.3.9 is here!


With Shika 1.3.9, we have released a security update for Shika. In some configuration combinations, guests can get access to lessons in paid courses. We have fixed this issue in version 1.3.9. We recommend you upgrade to this release immediately. 

Buy Shika

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Shika 1.2.9 is here with improved Shika JTicketing integration!


Shika 1.2.9 is here and brings a complete rewrite of the Shika JTicketing integration with a simplified workflow. Please make sure you are using v2.1.3 of JTicketing with this version of Shika. Besides this feature, we have also introduced the ability to set/update user timezones from the User import in enrollments.

Before you upgrade Shika, you must first uninstall the current version of jLike from your site. In this version, we have done some packaging changes due to which you need to specifically follow the upgrade instructions. If you are upgrading to this version from Shika 1.1.x then make sure you read the release notes.  

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Learning goes Social with Shika LMS for Joomla!


Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Right from blogging about your experiences, posting videos, starting discussions on your favourite topics and sharing viral content, everything is possible with social media. Learning as an experience as well as an industry is not unaffected by this trend. In fact as more learning goes online, it is something that will need to be embraced as a toolset to improve user engagement and reach by Learning management systems. 

Shika has embraced this very early in its product lifecycle and is always evolving its feature set to make it a true Social Learning Management System. Read on to see what features Shika offers that gives it a Social edge!

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Creating Rich Personalised Certificates with Shika


Isn’t it a great feeling when you are rewarded and recognised when you complete a milestone or a goal? Online courses are no different. In fact, for online courses, recognition is even more important as they lack the physical touch points and personal motivation that is usually part of ‘In Person’ learning.  Low completion rates are the biggest bane of online learning. Rewards and recognition is a great way to fight this.

Personalised certificates are just one of the many features that Shika offers to let you reward your users.

A certificate is much more than a piece of paper. It is a recognition of one’s work and gives a sense of entitlement.They are a great way to showcase your achievements & add to one’s academic and work profile.

Buy Shika Now              View Demo

Read on for the detailed features.

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JTicketing 2.1 brings powerful reports powered by TJ Reports, a tighter Shika integration & integrated jLike


We are happy to bring you JTicketing 2.1 with mobile friendly user interface, major UI improvements, tighter integration with Shika and jLike integrated and bundled into the core extension. TJ Reports integration has brought powerful reports, the jLike integration brings a powerful blended User calendar and some great Classroom training features. This is just the tip of feature iceberg. We’ve managed to squeeze in quite a few things more than what we had promised in the roadmap blog !

Buy JTicketing Now!         View JTicketing Demo!

Read on to get the complete details on what this version brings. Make sure you read our release notes before you upgrade as backward compatibility breaks in this release.

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