Give your Joomla emails a complete makeover!


Give your Joomla emails a complete makeover!


Email Beautifier now works with Joomla 4!


Rich HTML email templates

Rich HTML email templates

Say bye-bye to boring plain-text mails. Supercharge your emails with built in rich HTML email templates
Consistent look and feel

Consistent look and feel

By having rich HTML template for all mails, you can get a consistent look and feel for your outgoing mails
Multilingual support

Multilingual support

Make your users feel at home by translating email template into multiple lanaguages

Override Core Joomla Emails

Override Core Joomla Emails

All emails sent by core Joomla extensions can be beautified with the template using Email Beautifier

Override 3rd party extension emails

Override 3rd party extension emails

All emails sent by 3rd party Joomla extensions that use Joomla's APIs to send mails can be beautified with the template using Email Beautifier

Admin Control

Admin Control

With features like ability to skip certain extensions, enable logging, action log plugin admin has better control.

Feature Packed extension to transform your Joomla emails

You have made sure your Joomla site looks Awesome. Then why put up with plain looking emails?

Email Beautifier turns "Vanilla" Joomla emails into a work of art with the rich HTML email templates. Let's catch them all and make them beautiful.

A must-have Joomla extension for practically every Joomla site out there, with Email Beautifier, you can catch all outgoing emails going from your Joomla site, wrap an awesome template around them and send them on their way.

This ensures all emails going out of your Joomla site have a uniform and consistent look and feel.

3.0.1 Stable
3.x & 4.x
Centralized Template Editing

You can have one template for all extensions or one or more templates per extensions. All editing can happen inside Email Beautifier centrally.

Set Your Brand

Showcase your brand by editing email templates to add your website logo, links to your social media accounts and by any other ways you can imagine of!

Multiple Editors Supported

Use any Joomla WYSIWYG editor of your choice to edit email templates eg. TinyMCE, JCE etc

Easy to Complex Templates Matching

You can either choose from list of extensions to apply template to OR you can set advanced URL conditions having option, view, layout, task, action to take further control over which template to apply for what action!

Replacement / Placeholder Tags
Placeholder replacements tags like website name, website URL, timestamp are supported out of the box.
Personalize Emails with Replacement Tags Plugin

Support more placeholder replacements tags like name, username, email with the help of the plugin that comes with component OR you can add more tags by creating plugins of your own

Override core Joomla emails

Easily set email templates for Joomla core extensions like com_users. Template can be set for user registration, forgot password, username reminder etc

Modify 3rd party extension emails

Lots of 3rd party extensions work well with EmailBeautifier. Examples are - all Techjoomla extensions, EasySocial, JomSocial, Easyblog, etc

Which all are supported?

Email Beautifier can only catch and Beautify any emails that use Joomla's Native Email Class for sending emails. This is the case with most Joomla extensions.

However, some extensions like CB are an exception as they have their own class and those emails can't be beautified.

Email Monetization with SocialAds

"You can insert 'Ads in emails' via SocialAds and monetize your emails. This is Highly Recommended as emails reach to inboxes of lots of users and have a high reach.

* You will need to purchase SocialAds to enable this feature."

JMailAlerts Plugins Support

Email Beautifier allows you to add rich, dynamic and relevant content to your Invitation emails by using the ‘JMailAlerts Integration’.

This allows you to add content like Site News, Photos etc into email. Any JMailAlerts plugin data can be shown in outgoing emails to enrich your emails.

Skip Extensions

You can choose to skip certain extensions from email beautification in case of extensions having their own templates.

Blind Copy

You can also enable Email BCC to certain email addresses to double check how your outgoing emails look.


You can also Enable logging to check what are the URL strings of various extensions when emails go out to the users. This is especially useful if you want to use the advanced configuration in Templates.

Actionlog Plugin

Actionlog plugin for Email Beautifier logs actions related to the email template. Site administrator can review the user actions and adjust the plugin settings according to his preferences.

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