Hierarchy Management

Hierarchy Management is an horizontal (Infrastructure) extension by Techjoomla that allows setting up general or context specific hierarchical relations between users. This can be used by other extensions to allow special access control, generate reports and so on.

We have so far used it for enterprise corporate applications for organisation hierarchy management, mentor relations, corporate intranet applications etc.

Hierarchy is currently supported out of the box by TJ reports for manager reporting and JLike for assignments.


Simple & Context Specific Hierarchy

Hierarchy can be either ‘General’ without any context or can be set for specific contexts. For example Mark, Swapnil, Mary & Vaishali normally report to Vijay. However Mary and Vaishali have been asked to additionally report to Parth in the special context of a 'Project A'.

My Team & Hierarchy Exploration

A Frontend menu has been made available to show the logged in user’s immediate team in switchable listview or graphical view. The user can drill down or navigate up the hierarchy structure to explore the same.

Integration Options

You can choose to use Core Joomla, EasySocial, JomSocial, EasyProfile, Community Builder to fetch user profile photos.

Backend view to manage Hierarchy & Import/Export as CSV

The administrators view in the backend lets you browse the hierarchy structure, add new relations manually as well as import or export as CSV.


REST API plugins for com_api will be bundled along with the extension for allowing 3rd party applications to manipulate data in upcoming versions.

Fork it on Github

You can find the sourcecode for Hierarchy in our GitHub repository.