The ultimate event-booking system for Joomla!


The ultimate event-booking system for Joomla!


JTicketing now works with Joomla 5 and Joomla 4!


Versatile & Powerful

Versatile & Powerful

Use JTicketing to start your own Event Marketplace or Manage your own events and trainings. Equipped with powerful live training integrations, popular payment gateways & a host of features, this is your one stop solution for anything events.
Native Event Manager

Native Event Manager

Use the powerful inbuilt event manager or integrate with events from JEvents, JomSocial or EasySocial Events.

Dashboards & Insights

Dashboards & Insights

Make informed decisions based on data and evidence. JTicketing provides stylish and insightful dashboards for event managers like monthly sales, attendee and customer reports.



Pick and choose what works best for you. One of the biggest strengths of JTicketing lies in how well it integrates with other systems, from Zoom, Adobe Connect, Google Meet, Jitsi to Google Maps and Calendars.

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

A simple and easy to use interface that allows for easy creation and management of events. A powerful activity stream for end-users as well as a mobile-friendly responsive UI.

Android and iOS App

Android and iOS App

An Event Managers app allows for on the go monitoring of event metrics, checking ticket validity as well as marking attendance via the inbuilt QR code scanner

Feature Packed for all your Event ticketing Needs

JTicketing is an event ticketing extension. This simple to use extension supports JomSocial events, EasySocial events and JEvents giving developers and site administrators the power to create and manage their own events.

5.0.0 Stable
5.x & 4.x & 3.x
Flexible Event Management

Use the powerful inbuilt event manager or integrate with events from JEvents, JomSocial or EasySocial Events.

Multiple Ticket Types

Event managers can create tickets with different prices, different access levels. Event managers can also have the option to create Early Bird offers and set expiry dates for the ticket prices.

Convenient Payment Options

JTicketing uses the Common Payments API. Paypal, 2Checkout,, Alta User Points, JomSocial Points are covered in the support subscription. Stripe (Simple & Split payments) as well as iDEAL are integrated via 3rd Party Developers.

Seamless checkout experience for your end-users

This extension provides users with a very convenient checkout experience. Event managers can create configurable fields to collect the billing information.

Consistent communication with event attendees

We support communications through Email as well as SMS notification. It is also possible to manually send email updates & automated event reminders.


Manager tools

Using the JTicketing app QR code scanner, event managers can detect fraud attendees and check-in attendees to the event. They can also download the attendance sheet for an event.

Custom fields

JTicketing integrates with Joomla fields giving you the option to add more fields for creating your JTicketing events.

Event specific attendee information

Event organizers have the option to collect additional information from their attendees like demographics or their choice of refreshments thereby providing more inclusivity and joy.


While creating an event, event organizer can select venues from a list of available choices or they can additionally use Google Maps to generate their venues.

Media gallery

Event Organizer can add event images, video and YouTube video URL that will get displayed on event details view with slider.

Brand New Event Performance Dashboard

This dashboard provides a snapshot of all the important metrics that are related to the event performance. For Eg:- No of attendees registered, amount raised by month, etc.

Extensive Reporting Engine

JTicketing provides extensive reports on ticket Sales, event attendance through a powerful reporting engine.

CSV Exports

All reports can be exported as CSVs for offline processing.

Event attendance

JTicketing provides organizers with event attendance statistics that publishes all the names of the attendees and other important information. It has the facility to download attendees sheet and Namecards of attendees.

Customized Reports

Reports can be customzed to show or hide columns and save custom queries.

Zoom / Jitsi / Adobe Connect / Google Meet

JTicketing integrates with Zoom / Jitsi / Adobe Connect / Google Meet to create, track and manage online events.

Google, Outlook Calendar

Event attendees can add the event reminders to their calendar to ensure that they don't miss out on the event.

Shika LMS

JTicketing integrates with Shika, giving event organizers to create, track and manage their online learning programs. LMS users (Version 1.1) can now start using JTicketing to manage Classroom or Scheduled Learning for their users. Event Attendees get a view of which events they attended with the new Shika Dashboard widget.

TJ Notifications

JTicketing integrates with our infrastructure extensions TJ Notifications to create a centralized notification management system with SMS/Text notifications and Web Push. Many more features are coming soon!

TJ Reports

Event Organizers get access to a very powerful reporting engine. Ajax, CSV exports as well as Access levels. JTicketing also helps you get vendor wise reports as well as manager reports.

TJ Vendors

JTicketing integrates with our infrastructure extension TJ Vendors which helps to manage vendor content, fees, payouts and commissions in a unified manner. Organizers can also centralize Payout Management and specify Vendor specific commissions.

TJ Activity

Event attendees can get the latest updates with the Activity stream with JTicketing.


With JLike integration, users can like, dislike and comment on the event page. Event attendees can set an event reminder on their calendar.

TJ Certificates

Make your event attendees feel special with rich personalized certificates that mark their participation and attendance to the event. Users can also download & share these certificates in the Image or PDF format on their social networks platform like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Google Maps and Email Mark-up Support

Users can navigate to the event venues using the seamless integration with Google Maps. JTicketing comes with a very enhanced user experience with the Email Markup Support feature of Gmail.

Actionlog plugin

Site Admins can keep track of all the events activities such as event list, orders, venues, coupons and attendee fields with the Actionlog plugin for JTicketing.

The Privacy plugin

Protect your users privacy with the Privacy plugin that enables you to export and delete user data upon request.

Joomla tag support for the event

JTicketing comes with a built in support for Joomla Tags. Event Organizers can can create tags based on keywords for different events. This helps attendees to easily search events based on keywords, tags and filters.

RS Form

With RS Form integration, Event managers can create elaborate event feedback forms with simple & dynamic layout options. 

Bootstrap 2,3

JTicketing is compatible with both Bootstrap 2 and 3.

JomSocial Events, Easysocial events and JEvents

Use event management system of your choice with the native support to JomSocial Events, Easysocial Events & JEvents. Users also get the choice to integrate JTicketing to create their own custom apps by requesting additional customization support.
Responsive UI

JTicketing comes with an mobile friendly responsive UI.

JSN Festival Template

Event organizers can create festive events using the JSN festival integration.

Activity stream

Users can easily look up for the latest event updates with the new activity stream introduced in JTicketing 2.0.

Responsive Email Ticket templates

Delight your attendees with stunning emails, using our new and fresh email templates that work on every device.

Standardized Semantic HTML

Improve the optics of your event page with uniform HTML semantic to display all your products or events on the same site.

Refreshing UI similar to JGive 2.0

JTicketing 2.0 introduces a fresh new UI for event pin views as well as detail views on the lines of JGive 2.0.

JA-Events 2

Integrate JTicketing seamlessly with JoomlArt to improve the look and feel with creative templates.

Improved UX for Event Filters

Event attendees can easily search an event with the Improved UX for Event filters.


Create a Multivendor event marketplace where other organizations and individuals host their events allowing event creators as well as site admins to monetize on transactions.

Fees Management

Define platform level fees as an absolute value, percentage, or a combination of both. You can set platform fees including ticket price or you can charge it on per ticket or order basis. You can also define separate fees for different vendors.

Payouts Manager

Event managers can keep track of all the transactions on the site itself. They can calculate vendor fees payouts and also keep a record of payouts due to the vendors after subtracting platform fees.

Fast & Smooth Checkout

Autofills ensure fast checkouts giving users a smooth checkout experience.

Guest ticket purchase

Guest users can get an option to buy ticket from the event page without having to register on the website.

Silent Registration

If the silent registration feature is enabled, then a vendor profile for the user will be created (If it is not already created) while creating the event.

Multiple Payment Gateways

JTicketing integrates with Common Payments API, Paypal, 2Checkout,, Alta User Points and JomSocial Points. Standard support is available for end users who have a valid support subcription. Stripe & iDEAL are integrated with JTicketing via 3rd Party Developers. Support is not available for these two integrations.

Coupon Manager

Event organizers can create event-specific coupons for customers. Coupons can have flat value or a certain percentage. Event creators can also assign start & end date for coupon and also set a maximum usage.


JTicketing provides one click enrollment for classroom training events. These can be assigned to specific user groups or global audience.

Creating Hierarchies

Site administrators can create hierarchies by using Techjoomla horizontal extension, Hierarchy manager. Hierarchy manager helps site administrators to assign managers for classroom training events. Managers can then assign users based on specific events.

Online training

Create online training events where users can enroll and access events with the enroll access feature. Attendance tracking APIs helps site administrators to get attendance reports of online training events.

Attendance sheet


Organizers or training managers can download the attendance sheet and namecards of the attendees participating in the event.

Training Content

With the Techjoomla Shika extension, organizers can add content and lessons to the event page and view the lesson plan.

Concert & Live Shows

JTicketing is an excellent event ticketing tool and finds wide use creating online events, concerts & shows. Powerful features like one click enrolments, easy checkout options & the overall event management experience attracts organizers to create their events on JTicketing.

Online learning and management systems

*JTicketing(needs Shika subscription} can be used to create, manage and conduct online classes at light speed. Online classes can be created and published to enroll users to speed up learning delivery and reach. This can become a source of revenue for event organizers.

Conducting workshops

JTicketing allows you to create online workshops by sending out registration notifications for your workshops by enrolling users. These workshops can be mentoring sessions, project training sessions or group assignments.


Event Planners can avoid wedding crashers by enabling unique QR codes for the invitees in JTicketing. By scanning the QR code on the Invitation cards you can control access to weddings. 

Product News

JTicketing is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Setup your site and start selling tickets for your events.

JTicketing is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Setup your site and start selling tickets for your events.

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All subscription plans are backed by risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Check our  Refund Policy.

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