Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla site.


Intelligent viral invitations for your Joomla site.


Invitex now works with Joomla 4!


Increase Traffic inflow using InviteX

Increase Traffic inflow using InviteX

Increase traffic by inviting site visitors or members to join your website by importing contacts from social & email providers. Site Admins have the flexibility to send an invitation in the form of email or private message.
Multiple Invitation Types

Multiple Invitation Types

Developers have the option to select different types of invitations based on availability and the type of integrations they desire to deploy.

Invite Anywhere

Invite Anywhere

Invitex Anywhere allows you to invite your users virtually for anything such as JomSocial Groups, Events, Joomla Articles, Custom component page & more.

Reward Inviters

Reward Inviters

Site administrators can integrate Invitex with JomSocial points, Easysocial points as well as Alpha user points that allows you to allocate points to both the Inviter and Invitee after sign-up or registration.

Social Integrations

Social Integrations

Invitex integrates with EasySocial, JomSocial etc. User can invite people to join EasySocial Group, attend EasySocial events etc. This feature works similar for JomSocial Groups and JomSocial Events

Admin Features

Admin Features

Admin features offer various options to control & configure implementations for the invitations. Site administrator can track the invitations, view statistics on the dashboard, select invitation types, templates, and more in the admin panel.

Feature Packed for all your invitation Needs

Invitex is the most comprehensive invitation system for Joomla that allows you to improve reach of content, increase conversion rate, and check the status of invitations sent.
4.0.0 Stable
3.x & 4.x
Multiple Options to Send Invitations

Send invitation to your friends or connections from social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter or from Email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Intelligent Automated Invitations

With Intelligent Automated invitations, you no longer have to manually send invites to your friends on site. Invitex can intelligently search friends & connections on the site and send them automated invites asking them to join the group or event.

Manual and Automated Invitation Reminders

Site Admins can send manual or automated Invitation reminders to the invites or they can set a list of invitees to send follow up invitations. A separate Invitation Reminder template can be configured as well, to have specially tailored content for these kind of invitations.

Multilingual Invitation Support

Users can change the language for the invite and invite people in their own native language or their preferred language.

Restrict registration only to Invitees

Restrict users that are not invited from registering to the site by enabling the configuration in Invitex.

Invitation as a part of registration

New users can invite friends and connections once they have registered on the site.

Social Networks

Use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to import contacts for sending Invitations to friends and connections.

SMS Invitation

Send SMS invitations to people for inviting them to join the site. You simply need to enter the Country Code, Name and Mobile number and you can also add personal message along with the invite.

CSV Import

Send bulk invitations by importing email IDs using CSV file with the contact details.

Email Providers

Use Email Providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo to import contacts and send Invitations to friends and connections.

Internal Messaging

Invite already registered people on the site to join events and groups, like pages etc.

Invite Anywhere Module

Set up this module on any page you wish to send invitations for.

EasySocial Integration

Integrate InviteX to send invitations to users to join EasySocial Groups, Events and profiles.

JomSocial Integration

Integrate InviteX to send invitations to users to join JomSocial Groups, Events and profiles.

Points to Inviter

Reward Inviters with custom and configurable points for inviting users to the site (EasySocial, JomSocial, AltaUser points)

Points to Invitee

Reward Invitee with custom and configurable points for registering on the site (EasySocial, JomSocial, AltaUser points)

Activity Stream Updates

Display a list of activities of the users in the activity stream of Social Extensions like EasySocial and JomSocial.

Toolbar/menu integration with Social Extensions

Display JomSocial or EasySocial toolbar on InviteX pages.

Native social notifications for Invitex

Get native notifications on EasySocial or JomSocial for Invitations that are sent and for invitations that are accepted.

Powerful Dashboard

Site admins are given comprehensive and useful invitation statistics via a dashboard in admin area.

Configurable Templates for Invitations

Regular Invitations, Invitation types, Reminders - basically all emails and content that Invitex will send is completely customizable and configurable.

Google Analytics Integration

Invitex can be configured to add google analytics tracking code to all links, so you can stay updated and keep a track of the incoming traffic on your site.

CRON Setup

Setup CRON to send Invitations in background without affecting your site performance.

Action Log

Logs actions related to stores, products, orders, promotions, and zones, shipping, taxation etc.

Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Process privacy related requests to Invitex for Export and deletion of user data.


Use Invitex to send emails to the users who may be interested in attending the event or you can even send reminder emails for the events published on the site. Design your event email with customizable templates & layout options.

Email Newsletter

Send out Newsletter to your clients or leads to nurture potential prospects for sales funnel. Get creative and send amazing newsletters with Invitex with templates that are trendy & attractive.

Product News

InviteX is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Setup InviteX on your Joomla website and start increasing your network.

InviteX is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Setup InviteX on your Joomla website and start increasing your network.

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