The Techjoomla Story


Techjoomla is brought to you by Tekdi Technologies Private Limited, an established company working with Joomla since its Inception. In fact, since it was part of the Mambo Project. Launched officially in January 2009, Techjoomla is focussed on providing innovative, top-notch solutions for the Joomla Community.

Our Joomla story goes back to the year 2006. Those were the early days as Joomla was forked of Mambo and there wasn't much support for the Developer community in terms of plugins, extensions and products. The concept of a free tool and an open sourced CMS was welcomed with open arms globally and this meant that a new community was on the rise.

Techjoomla was one of the pioneers and one of the earliest communities of Joomla developers globally. Our innovative Products, Plugins and Extensions became popular over years as we continued on the path of innovation and growth. Over time this would soon become an active community of 100,000 plus. Our community and commercially supported extensions serve a variety of use cases from publishing to newsletters to social networks.