Powerful Advertising Solution for Joomla with Multiple Ad Types, Targeting Options & Analytics


Powerful Advertising Solution for Joomla with Multiple Ad Types, Targeting Options & Analytics


SocialAds now works with Joomla 5 and Joomla 4!


Powerful Targeting

Powerful Targeting

Maximize Advertiser ROI via our powerful targeting options like Geolocation Targeting, Demographic targeting and Keyword targeting.

Ad Delivery & Placements

Ad Delivery & Placements

Deliver Ads on your own website or extend your content network to any website. Use Email Ads to deliver Ads to user's inboxes or use our REST APIs to deliver Ads in native formats to mobile apps

Flexible Ad Formats & Types

Flexible Ad Formats & Types

Extensive range of ad formats including Banner Ads, Text Ads, Text & Media Ads as well as Video Ads to let advertisers choose what's best for them.

Pricing Models & Ecommerce

Pricing Models & Ecommerce

Chose to allow Advertisers to 'Pay per Ad' or use a Campaigns and Budgets model for payments like Facebook & LinkedIn

Analytics & User Engagement

Analytics & User Engagement

Detailed metrics on Ad performance including Clicks, Impressions & click through ratios as well as User Engagement with dashboards & reports for Advertisers & admins

Intuitive Self Service Advertising

Intuitive Self Service Advertising

An intuitive Ad design and checkout lets Advertisers easily design & buy their own advertising with zero intervention.

Feature Packed for all your Advertising Needs

SocialAds brings cutting edge features in online Advertising helps maximize the revenue generation potential of your web properties. Super intuitive design, features built to empower website owners and advertisers & ease of use means you can be 'up and earning' in record time.
5.0.0 Stable  
5.x & 4.x & 3.x
Untargeted Ads

Choose to show Ads to all the website visitors by choosing not do use any targeting and get maximum brand exposure.

Keyword Targeting for Display Ads

Contextual Ads get much higher click throughs and better conversion rates. Keyword targeted ads appear on pages by matching page title or meta keywords.

Keyword Targeting for Search Ads

Deliver targeted Search Ads like Google or Yahoo using Zones configured to show on Search pages. Ads contextual to the Search keywords will be shown.


Geolocation Targeting

Let Advertisers target ads to a specific Geographic location like a Country, Region or City. Define multiple geographical locations as required to achieve the most localized relevance.

Social/Demographic Targeting

Integrate with EasySocial/ JomSocial/ Community builder to get rich user profile information for targeting Ads by User demographics. Show Ads based on Gender, Interests and more.

Enhanced Keyword targeting

Enhance the accuracy of keyword targeted Ads by using our reverse index feature with Joomla Smart Search indexing.


Targeting Plugins

Extend the core targeting engine with plugins. SocialAds ships with targeting plugins for JomSocial & EasySocial profile types & JomSocial Groups. Write your own by following our documentation.

Page Targeting

Use Zones & Conditional Module Display to let advertisers target specific Areas of your website.

Display Ads

Define Ad placements to define ads on your website in multiple formats & sizes

Content Network Ads

Allow other websites in your Network to display Ads from your advertisers and increase their reach using our remote display Widgets.

Email Ads

Allow advertisers to reach your complete audience via Email Ads. Monetize system emails, Newsletters, Digest emails and more !

Native Ads via API

Allow content partners & mobile apps to display your Ads using our REST API in a format native to their applications for the best user experience

Option to select the device on which Ad will be displayed

Choose the device on which the ad will be displayed. Ads can be displayed on Desktop as well as mobile or either of them.

Ad Rotation

Display more advertising per pixel using Ad Rotation and maximize the revenue potential of existing Ad zones.

Ad Zones or Placements

Use standard Ad Placements(zones) or create ones that fit in tastefully with your website to show a variety of Ads to your users.

Image/Banner Ads

Chose from a variety of standard Banner Ad Sizes or create custom ones. Advertisers can upload banner images or GIF Animations

Text Ads

When space is a premium or you want your ads to natively integrate with your content, text Ads work best

Text and Media Ads

Used successfully by Facebook, linked in a native display format, these Ads allow for an integrated look as well as deliver more information to the audience

Video Ads

Let Advertisers use Video to deliver a powerful message and improve user engagement.

Ad Layouts

Ad Layout plugins allow for fine control of relative positioning of Ad Elements. You can use the standard ones we ship with or get creative and make your own

Responsive Ads

Display Ads from other Networks like Google AdSense using Affiliate Ads as a fallback till you get your own direct Advertisers & also augment direct revenue.

Affiliate Ads & Google AdSense

Display Ads from other Networks like Google AdSense using Affiliate Ads as a fallback till you get your own direct Advertisers & also augment direct revenue.


HTML5 rich media ads help to drive engagement, boost creativity. Improve click through rates. Animated HTML5 ads also optimize performance and are suitable for all devices as well as browsers.

Pop-up Ads

Grab people’s attention, increase website traffic or get immediate feedback on your Joomla site using the pop-up ads feature in SocialAds and Pop-up ads can also be displayed on the full screen.

Alternative Ads

Shown when there are no Paid Ads to display. Can be used to Advertise your own Website as well as display Public Service Ads.

Create a copy of existing Ad from frontend and backend

Easily create a copy of existing ad from frontend and backend in SocialAds. This feature helps you save time and create a copy of any high performing ad that can be tweaked and used for any other campaign.


Please note that

1) Copy of Ads can be created for all the Ads in wallet mode.

2) Ads with unlimited options can only be copied in Pay per Ad mode.

Unlimited Ads

Can be created by Admins without any payments & are great to display your own Advertising. Shown with the same priority as normal paid ads. With SocialAds 4.0.2, we have provided configuration to configure user groups who can create unlimited Ads in the backend

Floater Ads

Floater Ads in SocialAds not only grabs the attention of the website visitors but also offers a unique viewing experience to them. Floater Ads are always displayed in a fixed position in SocialAds.

Pay Per Ad Mode

Let Advertisers pay per Ad they place on the website

Multiple pricing models

Charge Advertisers based on Pay Per Click, Per Impression, Per Day or Slab based Pricing

Zone/Placement based Pricing

Choose to have universal site wide rates or define them specific to Zones or Placements

Wallet, Campaigns & Budget Mode

Let Advertisers load money into their wallet and set expense budgets per Campaign. Allows site admins to collect money in & gives better spend control to advertisers.


Use Coupons & Promotions to boost Ad spends and get people to advertise on your website


Set minimum buying thresholds to ensure higher transaction sizes & set low balance alerts.

Multiple Payment Gateways

SocialAds uses the Common Payments API. PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Alta User Points, JomSocial Points are covered in the support subscription. Stripe & iDEAL are integrated via 3rd Party Developers.

Basic Taxation Support & Invoicing

Allows setting a flat tax rate to charge advertisers. Invoices are automatically generated on successful payments.

Advertiser Dashboard

Snapshot of performance of all ads in a configurable time period with metrics Clicks, Impressions & Click through ratio (CTR) metrics.

Ad Performance Analytics

Drilled down reports on performance of each Ad along with a dashboard with Clicks, Impressions & Click through ratio (CTR) metrics.

Increase User Engagement

Increase user engagement & allow users to Ignore Ads, Give reasons, Chat with Advertiser using JBolo, & Share on Social Networks.

Weekly Stats Email Report

Send Advertisers a Weekly analytics report to update them on the performance of their Ads

Admin Dashboard

Gives a snapshot of Revenue, Ads & their performance across the website

Multilingual customized email and SMS notifications

Engage both the site administrator as well as ad creators with the multilingual customized email and SMS notifications

Approval Workflow

Optional enable admin approval on Ads if you want to moderate Ads on your website

Admin Ad Creation

Create Ads on behalf of your Advertisers from the backend as a special service

Access Control

Restrict access to parts of functionality with Joomla powered access control. Can be used to restrict backend functions as well as restrict Advertising to certain user groups.


Logs actions for related to ads, orders, campaigns, coupons and zones.

Privacy & GDPR Compliance

Process privacy related requests to SocialAds for Export and deletion of user data.

Ad Free Premium Access

Setup Ad Display Modules to show to certain access levels & ensure a Ad Free experience for Paying Subscribers

Fraud Deterrence

Use IP based times controls to avoid duplicate clicks and impressions on Ads

Ad Caching & Stats Archival

Cache Ads for better delivery performance. Use Stats Archival to optimize Database size used by Socialads for analytics data.

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SocialAds is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Start earning money from your website in just a few clicks!


SocialAds is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Start earning money from your website in just a few clicks!

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