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Introducing SMS notifications with TJ Notifications 2.0!


With our products being used across the globe in a variety of different use cases, we came to realize that not everyone has an email address but phones have made it possible for them to connect to the Internet. This has led us to accelerate the development of TJ Notifications to include SMS notifications. You will also soon see the release of another extension that will allow users to login to Joomla without needing an email address.

With this release & the related releases of Shika, JTicketing & JGive we have SMS support in all these products now. The Notifications system lets you customise the text of the  notifications just like you could update the email text. 

You will see some interesting under the hood improvements as well in the configuration which will soon allow us to bring in Push notifications on Web and mobile as well as Whatsapp notifications making the notifications system update with the various devices & mediums we all use across geographies. If you are feeling creative feel free to look at the code on github and submit more notification adaptors. MS Teams, Slack and maybe even ones for Alexa ! 

To start with we have introduced support for SMS providers Twilio and Mvaayoo. Do feel free to contribute more providers or if you need help integrating one, contact us for a customisation request. 

The other major feature this release brings is the ability to set language specific notification templates which will be sent as per the site language or user’s language preference. 

Apart from this, Notification Subscriptions is vital for site administrators to know which user has subscribed using either email address or mobile number and also information is collected regarding backend, device ID and platform.

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JGive 2.5.3 is here with SMS notifications
Shika 1.3.37 is here with TJ Fields compatibility

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