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How Events are Thriving using Digitization


Online Events are already on the surge of being a popular platform for corporates and successful artists performing live on Television and Social Media. Well, How revolutionary it sounds, it also brings forth some new challenges to explore. Thanks to Technology! We have digital tools to manage events easily and troubleshoot issues. 

According to Forrester Research, Events are the Largest marketing expense for most B2B departments. Head Marketing Officers allocate their marketing budget by spending 24% of their annual budget cost on Live events to generate new leads, connections and educate new customers. Most successful organizations have realized the importance of investing in technology because they believe that the future will no longer keep up with traditional business operations. Event Managers are already hooked with new technologies & gadgets to help them organize and streamline their chain of commands.

From a wide array of Technologies - Events Management Software seems to get more attention from the Global Heads. 

What is Event Management Software (EMS)?

Organizers need assistance to help them through all the aspects of the events such as event registration, sending out E-Invites, Scan attendees' tickets, promotion, reporting, and much more. 

The event manager generally requires 10-15 people to manage different departments. But even with a handful of workers, sometimes teams do find themselves with a challenge when it comes to uniformity. Event management software bridges the communication gap between the team members by streamlining the lengthy processes into a simplified process. In short, event management software offers a technology solution to assist managers in driving success without the series of an endless chain of command. 

What Types of Events generally use Event Management software?

Event Management software is in great demand by B2B and B2C professional market domains that include formal meetings to educate customers about their new product or service. Online Professional events, as such, facilitate attendee engagement and networking with other members of the association. The Event management software is also widely used by Concert and Workshops to manage ticket sales and host live shows. Using data analytics, the event organizers can improve their approach and Get reports to understand the event ROI. This serves as a successful market strategy with in-depth analytics providing insight into the event’s performance. 

Following are the corporate events that are usually in demand for Event Management software:

  • Industry conference meet-ups
  • Networking events
  • Trade shows
  • User Conference
  • Round-Tables
  • Expositions
  • Internal training

Purpose of Event Management Software:

The Big picture of an Event management system is about how it serves end-to-end solutions to speed up the process and offer data analytics to study the outcome. But let us learn more about how Event management software works by paying attention to different core components.

Let us quickly review them:

Event Registration:

You can set up an easy registration process for the participants with just a few details to fill in and verify the attendees' Basic information for security reasons. You can share registration invites to the potential people who will be willing to join the event and share on social media platforms or send email invites to get as many people to attend. 

Event Website:

Build your Event Website or integrate event management extension or tools to create an online event for your association or organization to encourage engagement among members. 

Event Marketing:

Event management software or tools will leverage your event marketing strategy by offering capabilities to market your event to the current marketing demands trend. You can Offer coupons for promotions or share on social media platforms, and you can also do paid Promotions like advertising campaigns for maximum reach and impact.

Event Reporting and Analytics:

Get data insight into your event performance to understand the behavior of your participants with data analytics. Understand the demographics of the event performance by extracting reports.

Avoid duplicate or fraud entries:

Scan the QR codes at the entrance to allow entry for the participants. This practice avoids duplicate and fraud entries. Get yourself an event management app and enable ticketing options to add unique QR codes to keep track of all the attendees.

System Integrations:

You can integrate a wide variety of tools and extensions to your event website or application. You can facilitate your event management process by enabling different options to promote your events and provide details such as images, a map for navigation, and much more for attendees to get all the details. 

Benefits of Event Management Software:

Power-pack Tool to enrich your events:

Event Management services Platform comes with a wide range of tools and extensions that fulfills the core components like Event registration, Ticket Management, Marketing, Reporting, Virtual meet-ups, Community engagement, and much more. 

JTicketing is one of the popular online booking systems in the web market. It is Android and iOS app compatible, making it easy for event managers to manage or create events. You can monetize JTicketing by selling tickets to the users and earn a commission on every sale you make. It is a Dynamic Event Ticketing Online system with a brand new UI, Activity Stream, Google Map, Zoom, JaaS (Jitsi as a Service) & Adobe connect integration, curating perfect walkthrough of the Events details. Set up Virtual Events for your audience with Dynamic features only on JTicketing.  What makes JTicketing so special is that it offers a Power-pack tool with solutions that caters to all Event Management needs.

B2B and B2C events:

Many organizations and associations have adopted Virtual Meet-ups to communicate with their clients and teams to drive sales. Conferences and Meet-ups have proved to create an engagement, and it continues to do so in a pandemic situation with the power of Digital Events. Virtual meetings and Online Conferences have been a lifesaver for many companies by promoting their products and service to potential customers. B2C also leverages Online Events as their powerful marketing strategy to build customer trust and a chance to pull in a new sales funnel.

Streamlining Chain of Process:

Event organizers and planners have found event management solutions to save time and money, bring uniformity and increase security with seamless integrations that offer solutions to fast-track processes.


Event Management software is built for teams to access participants' data, and the attendees can check the details of the events on their mobile devices. It promotes a uniform platform for the team to access the data and further improvise their strategy.

All-in-One Solutions:

Get an all-in-one solution for all your event management needs that will let you organize your event on your mobile device or authenticate attendees’ tickets by scanning unique QR Codes. Event management software and tools have reduced the burden of managing an event and save time to make sure that events drive success.

A revolutionary step towards Digital Events:

Event Management software proves to increase attendance by 20% and deliver minimum marketing cost. Event management promotes productivity by 27% because of its uniform platform that keeps an eye on all the chain of event processes. The average profit margin is most likely to increase by 20 to 30% with Event management software.

As COVID-19 has created the demand for virtual events, the Post Covid-19 Event Outlook report recorded that 93% of organizers are interested in investing in virtual events. It demonstrates that event management is now supposedly reaching a new dimension of success and will become a part of hybrid events in the future. 

Events have now made their mark in the Millennial with demands that have made this industry grow exponentially in revenue and encourage new technological developments. The Event management platform works much more efficiently with new tools and extensions that will allow organizers & planners to plan and coordinate events easily. It has invoked event planners to look out for more options that empower their current event management model.


Now that you know why Event management software and tools are vital in this evolving Digital Era. It is safe to say that the Event Management platform is upgrading itself to Hybrid Events, which will quickly eliminate outdated ways. Event Managers need to future-proof themselves instead of waiting for the peak moment. Organizations that are willing to upgrade with the latest technology are most likely to be ten times ahead of their competitors.

So are you willing to take the Big Step and stay ahead of everyone? Only Digitization can help you do so, and We can surely help you find the right tools that will upgrade your Events to the next level. 

Do you want to know how we revamp your existing Event business model? Click here to Request a free demo today!

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