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Learn how to set up Google search console to your Joomla website


Do you have Google Search Console configured on your Joomla website?  If not, then you won’t be able to check your website performance that will determine the SEO score of your website. Many of you must be knowing about the Google Search Console aka the Google Webmaster tool. This tool helps website owners or admin to monitor and maintain the searc...

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Tips to improve the SEO score of your Joomla website


Website is the front banner or the workshop where you show off your information so that people can stumble on your website for more natural reasons in the form of; keyword search or image search. The search engine is the best thing to invest in as they are the most popular channels to lure people to your webpage. 

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The 101 Guide to Crowdfunding Campaigns! How do I make it work?


Are you struggling to find funds for your cause? Have you tried many alternatives but found it challenging to make it work? Crowdfunding is your Solution!

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Everything there is to know about Joomla 4


Introduction to Joomla

Joomla 4, the first beta version, was launched at the year-end of 2018, with a stable release in the initial year of 2019. This has been a revolutionary step for the Joomla CMS by keeping the promise to bring the Joomla glory back. But even though we have got a new version of Joomla, there is still a lot of work to do. 

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How Events are Thriving using Digitization


Online Events are already on the surge of being a popular platform for corporates and successful artists performing live on Television and Social Media. Well, How revolutionary it sounds, it also brings forth some new challenges to explore. Thanks to Technology! We have digital tools to manage events easily and troubleshoot issues. 

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