Rest API for Joomla

com_api is an extension that adds RESTful APIs to Joomla - for core and any 3rd party extensions

Open Source and free to download


Ready to use features

Ready to Deploy

Plugin Architecture

Rate Limiting

Open Source

Uses Joomla ACL

CORS Support

Swagger Docs (coming soon)

Token/Session Auth

User Impersonation

Everything you need in an enterprise API

Support for core extensions

Plugins currently exist for Joomla articles, categories and user management.


Request logging makes it easy to debug any API issues being faced by consumers.

Plugins for extensibility

Add API endpoints for 3rd party extensions by writing plugins, easy to do with Joomla best practices for MVC


The component code is available on Github. Developers are welcome to send in Pull Requests for features & bugs.

Commercial Support & Custom Development

For those who want to start using it right away & want commercial support or need custom plugins or applications developed to use the api in your own unique way, feel free to contact us. We can help you extend this in the best way possible.