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First Graduates of our Google Plus Development Challenge ! Profile Imports & Activity Display

google plus logoAs part of our internal "Google+ Joomla" developer challenge to create Joomla Products using the new Google+ API in a full day coding session, we asked interested Devs to use the API & create new or improve our existing products. Here's what they came up with ..

Profile Imports for JomSocial

A while back we developed a Extension to allow users to Import their LinkedIn Profile to JomSocial (either as part of the Registration process or later via a button) . This hasnt been released yet.. But this was a nice starting point to extend the extension to support the Google+ API to allow you to import your Google+ profile into JomSocial.. Manoj took up this one & managed to get quite a bit of it done !  Read on for a walk through of how it works.. 

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Linked In Profile Import for JomSocial

Want to lower the entry barrier to your Social Network for LinkedIn users ? We have a 2 part solution. A. LinkedIn Connect ( Which will allow you to login using LinkedIn to your Joomla/JomSocial Site)B. LinkedIn Profile Import ( Save your users the trouble of having to fill our their profile again & just import it from LinkedIn) In this blog, w...

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People Suggest & Profile Import Bug Fix releases

Profile import version 1.0.1 adds support for showing the JomSocial toolbar in case you are using JomSocial. In adition some error reporting improvements have been made in this release. People suggest 1.0.1  adds a fix for Add as friend not working & a count issue. In addition, support Joomla 2.5 is added to both extensions ! Changelog Pro...

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Profile Import for CB & JomSocial with support for Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn released !

Profile Import for CB & JomSocial allows your users to update their profiles on your website from Social Networks of their choice with a single click. A great addon to save your users the trouble of updating their profiles & keeping them current. Working natively on both Joomla 1.5 & 1.7, this is a great addon to enhance your CB or JomS...

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