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First Graduates of our Google Plus Development Challenge ! Profile Imports & Activity Display

google plus logoAs part of our internal "Google+ Joomla" developer challenge to create Joomla Products using the new Google+ API in a full day coding session, we asked interested Devs to use the API & create new or improve our existing products. Here's what they came up with ..

Profile Imports for JomSocial

A while back we developed a Extension to allow users to Import their LinkedIn Profile to JomSocial (either as part of the Registration process or later via a button) . This hasnt been released yet.. But this was a nice starting point to extend the extension to support the Google+ API to allow you to import your Google+ profile into JomSocial.. Manoj took up this one & managed to get quite a bit of it done !  Read on for a walk through of how it works.. 

A. Decide which Social Network to import fromSNS profile import step1

B. Authenticate using Google+

SNS profile import step2

 C. Allow Access , Fetch Data & Push into JomSocial & Redirect to your site

SNS profile import step3

Google+ Activity Stream Display Module

This nifty module allows you to display your public Google+ Activity stream on your Joomla Website. Yogesh was the one to put this together ! This module can be either used by the admin to Show his activities on the site.. Or Every user can create his own instance & show it on hi or her profile..(CB/JomSocial)


What else will we have coming with Google+ Support ?

1. Broadcast Integration

2. Invitex Plugin ( when the compatible API becomes Available)

3. Find People with similar interests & much more !

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Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo,Facebook coming as native API ...
The Google+ Joomla Challenge !