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People Suggest & Profile Import Bug Fix releases

Profile import version 1.0.1 adds support for showing the JomSocial toolbar in case you are using JomSocial. In adition some error reporting improvements have been made in this release. People suggest 1.0.1  adds a fix for Add as friend not working & a count issue. In addition, support Joomla 2.5 is added to both extensions !


Profile Import :
Bug #9243: change the links for Docs for mapping in each plugin
Task #9280: change the status message "Failed to update profile" if same api clicked more than one time
Bug #9298: error messgage for Community builder 
Bug #9355: changes to google plus api library for new param offline access
Bug #10054: error while including jomsocial toolbar to jomsocial version less than 2.4
Task #10070: config in backend settings to include js toolbar

People Suggest

#10043 Add as a friend" is not working at all
#10044 Normal    "No of users" does not matter if the module is working in other than "All by priority" mode.

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