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SocialAds 4.2.1 is here with start and end date configuration for campaigns in wallet mode


We are happy to release SocialAds 4.2.1 with start and end date configuration for campaigns in wallet mode. We have also added a configuration where ad creators now have the option to add exact zone configuration for uploaded ad images to improve the ad resolution.

Besides this, we have also fixed many bugs reported by our subscribers in this release.

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Start and end date configuration for campaigns in wallet mode

With SocialAds 4.2.1, we have introduced a configuration for site admin to add start date and end configuration for campaigns in wallet mode. This feature was requested by one of our SocialAds subscribers.

Media Exact Zone Configuration for uploaded images

With this configuration, Ad creators can now upload images with exact dimensions that are mentioned as default while creating the ad to improve ad resolution if it’s configured by the site admin or they can upload images with different dimensions.

Social Ads v4.2.1 - changelog

+ Features: (2)

Feature #207152 Wallet Mode > Add the configuration in the campaign for the start date and end date
Feature #207813 Add configuration: Upload media exact zone configuration

^ Bug Fixes: (11)

Bug #212418: In the Payment History module time is not displayed in timezone
Bug #194615: Fixed: Multiple-time currency symbol display
Bug #205151: In wallet mode > Make Payment > After coupon applied then 0 amount order placed with confirmed status
Bug #207882: If an image is bigger than size then display without crop
Bug #211201: If botIdentifiers Or any database issue arrives when stats entry then count mismatches
Bug #208031: Expired Ad mail message not user-friendly
Bug #208031: Credit balance is low mail message not user-friendly
Bug #207949: Ignore count not displayed in the front end
Bug #213458: BE > Coupon > Time selection functionality while selecting the valid from and expire on fields
Bug #213788: BE > Coupons > Display valid from and expire on in user timezone
Bug #213813: My orders limit functionality not working

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