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Invitex-The Viral Invitations solution for Joomla, CB & JomSocial released!



After a long wait, we have finally released Invitex, our Viral Invitations solution for Joomla , CB & JomSocial. The first release comes with support for directly typing email addresses, CSV import as well as the ability to import contact from a variety of Email providers. You can see some Screenshots of the Solution here .

A Must have for Joomla!, JomSocial & CB based Social Networking websites.

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Tell us what you use to build your Social Network. Join the discussion


I might end up starting another Social Extensions debate here but I haven't come across a blog or article that addresses a large cross-section of them. I wish this turns out to be more of a bloggy discussion than just a blog. With the web landscape littered with a lot of software to create your Social network both in & outside the Joomla Commun...

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Joomla Twiter people gather! #How2Joomla


I have been doing some Magento related development recently & came across a twitter community they have around a Hashtag. Anyone with questions about Magento can post them with this hashtag & someone is quick to answer. I guess it could help as a lot of people already use this media for short QA sessions & it's more easily accessible th...

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New Version of JBolo released with many conflict resolutions


JBolo New version Details We have just released a version that will fix most of the conflict issues due to other extensions or Javascript in templates. This version has been reportedly working fine with most of the users who reported problems. Please Download the fresh copy & install it & let us know if you still face issues. Uninstall the ...

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Invitex Beta Now available for Beta Testing


Invitex, the Full Invitations Solution For Joomla,CB & JomSocial , is now available for Beta Testers.


For quite some time we have been working on a  much sought after extension. A System for Viral Invitations. This will of course be released under GNU GPL & integrate seamlessly with CB, JomSocial as well as a standalone Joomla installation. You can see more details about it in Techjoomla Labs.

Beta Testers

We are looking for some beta testers for this app. Testers will get the extension with a 12 month Support subscription for free.
A Total of 10 testers will be accepted. If you are not a Techjoomla Beta Tester yet, drop an email to [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to apply. To know more about the Beta Tester program, click here.

Read on for Feature Overview

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JBolo! Chat for Joomla with support for CB & JomSocial Released!


JBolo! Chat for Joomla is here !! Extension Updates
JBolo!JBolo! is a really cool extension that will integrate Facebook & Gmail like chat into Joomla Websites. The name JBolo! is derived from the  Hindi word 'Bolo' which means to talk. Based on the Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat Script by Anant Garg, this application promises to be an exciting thing for Social Networks in Joomla.

Read on for complete information & Features!

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JBolo! A Chatting Extension for Joomla!



JBolo! The Joomla Chatting Extension. Works with CB and JomSocial

 JBolo! is a really cool extension that will integrate Facebook & Gmail like chat into Joomla Websites.

 The name JBolo! is derived from the  Hindi word 'Bolo' which means to talk.   Based on the Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat Script by Anant Garg,  this application promises to be an exciting thing for Social Networks in Joomla.

 The extension comes with a component & module.

 The expected Release date is 20th July 09.

 Read on for full feature list.


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Coming Soon!! Invitex Component with Support for CB & Jom Social


Watch out for a cool new release this month from! We will be releasing the Invitex extension on 25th April at the Joomla Day, Pune (India). The extension will be released as a commercially supported GNU GPL extension available with 6 months or 12 months support packages. What is Invitex? Invitex is a Open Inviter based native Joomla ...

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