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Joomla Twiter people gather! #How2Joomla


#how2joomlaI have been doing some Magento related development recently & came across a twitter community they have around a Hashtag.

Anyone with questions about Magento can post them with this hashtag & someone is quick to answer. I guess it could help as a lot of people already use this media for short QA sessions & it's more easily accessible than forums.

I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for Joomla with a hashtag #how2joomla. We are planning to dedicate time to monitor tag & answer what we can.

So How 2 Joomla?

Are Joomla Newbies having Questions?

Post your questions on Twitter using the #how2joomla hashtag.

Joomla Expert? Can help you out?

Reply to the user using #how2joomla  

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