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JomSocial Suggest Site specific issues

While fixing one of the tickets, we came across a couple of peculiar problems this week..

Problem I

The Row X Column config seemingly, was'nt working on one of our client sites..

Reason & Solution

On investigation, we discovered that this problem arose because the css layout of module were being overridden by template.

Problem II

Problem with display of long name.The rectangular portions of suggested friends were uneven .

Reason & Solution

It appeared because of unusual long names of some users. The css was arranged accordingly so that they were not distorted.

Problem III

Problem with ajax part.The suggested user was not disappearing after adding him/her as a friend.

Reason & Solution

Some changes were made in the script that fixed the problem. Conflicts with some other scripts were occurring.

So if you have any of this Issues , you know where to look !

What the client had to say when we fixed it on his site

" Wow this is great. Its really worth buying your extensions ! "

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