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New Version of JBolo released with many conflict resolutions


JBolo New version Details

We have just released a version that will fix most of the conflict issues due to other extensions or Javascript in templates.

This version has been reportedly working fine with most of the users who reported problems. Please Download the fresh copy & install it & let us know if you still face issues.

Uninstall the component & Joomla Module. Also the CB OR JomSocial Plugin as applicable.

This release has an all in one Joomla Installer that will install the component, Joomla Module & a new plugin in which most of the code has now been moved so that chats are available across the site & not just where the module is published.

You will need to install CB or JomSocial Plugin as applicable separately. We recommend that anyone who is facing problems with any conflicts / browser issues should upgrade.

Weekend Closure

Note that we shall be closed this weekend. So if you add any new tickets, please give us until Monday to respond to your tickets.

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Facebook / OpenID support for JBolo!
Invitex Beta Now available for Beta Testing

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