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Invitex Beta Now available for Beta Testing


Invitex, the Full Invitations Solution For Joomla,CB & JomSocial , is now available for Beta Testers.


For quite some time we have been working on a  much sought after extension. A System for Viral Invitations. This will of course be released under GNU GPL & integrate seamlessly with CB, JomSocial as well as a standalone Joomla installation. You can see more details about it in Techjoomla Labs.

Beta Testers

We are looking for some beta testers for this app. Testers will get the extension with a 12 month Support subscription for free.
A Total of 10 testers will be accepted. If you are not a Techjoomla Beta Tester yet, drop an email to [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to apply. To know more about the Beta Tester program, click here.

Read on for Feature Overview

Invitex Features Overview

  • Works with Plain Joomla 1.5 / Community Builder JomSocial
  • Email is fully customisable & supports [REPLACEMENT TAGS]
  • Users can Customise their own messge to the invitees.
  • Allows users to import email addresses from CSV,Their Email Accounts,Other Social Networking sites ( As supported by OpenInviter)  OR manually enter email addresses.
  • Invites History can be seen & also people can resent invites.
  • Allows Invitess who register to connect automatically to the inviter.

This is just a basic feature set, many more features are supported but yet to be documented.


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