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'People You May Know' for CB & JomSocial

This is one extension that has been in our development queue for quite a while, but other products have taken priority & so this one though being conceptually ready for some time, was not ready for testing yet..

People You May Know for JomSocial & CBSo what will 'People You May Know' do?

This module (Is also likely to be available as a CB or JomSocial Plugin to show on profiles) will show you Friend Suggestions based on your current friends.

You might have already seen such a feature work on Facebook,Orkut & other large Social Networks.

We would love your comments on this!  We hope to make this product available very soon for you all!!
While Network suggest is more of a intutive suggestiosn tool based on intelligent matching of fields, People You May Know will give personalised suggestions.

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