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Tell us what you use to build your Social Network. Join the discussion


I might end up starting another Social Extensions debate here but I haven't come across a blog or article that addresses a large cross-section of them. I wish this turns out to be more of a bloggy discussion than just a blog.

With the web landscape littered with a lot of software to create your Social network both in & outside the Joomla Community, it becomes increasingly difficult to find which is better. Within Joomla, there is CB, JomSocial, People touch to name a few. I have heard of at least a couple more of these which are in their last stage of Beta & would be released soon.

Wordpress press has BuddyPress while Drupal has quite an array that can be put together to pull together a decent community. On the SAAS front, you have NING which has been very successful in letting people create feature rich community sites. Joomla is well represented on Ning with

Social Engine has also managed to carve itself a large slice of the Social Engine Market. So here is a small poll that we'd love if you answer telling us your preference in developing Social network sites. Since Joomla Polls does not support multiple choices I have set the lag to just 10 seconds so that you can vote multiple times if you use various systems.

Please comment comment comment & add your inputs. I know this is a pretty small list we have here just thought of on the spur of the moment.. so I'd like you to add as much as you can!

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