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JTicketing 2.3.0 brings "Early Bird" tickets, tag support, quicker event creation and much more!


We are super excited to release the much-awaited JTicketing 2.3.0 which brings “Early Bird” facility for events that enable event owners to decide ticket pricing for a specific date range. Besides this, we have added a feature to restrict buyer to purchase a single ticket for the event that is vital for classroom training. A special emphasis has been given on the SEO aspect for the events with the introduction of meta description and meta keywords for the events.

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Maintenance updates for JGive, Quick2Cart, and JTicketing


We are happy to announce the release of Quick2Cart 2.9.13, JTicketing 2.2.5 and JGive 2.1.9. These releases mainly address an important security issue we found in our internal audits. Besides this, each extension ships with a few bug fixes.

All the releases are compatible with the most recent version of Joomla, Joomla 3.8.11.

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Read on for the detailed changelog for all the extensions.

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JTicketing 2.2.3 is here!


JTicketing 2.2.3 has been released. This is primarily a bug fix release. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Do read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version.

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Read on for the detailed changelog.

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JTicketing 2.2.0 is here with event waiting list


We are super excited to release JTicketing 2.2.0 which brings the ‘Event Waiting list’ feature. This brings a lot of value to those of you building event marketplaces, simple event sites or even those using JTicketing to manage their organization trainings.

While our original JTicketing v2.2. roadmap talked about a lot more features, we decided to get v2.2 out with the major feature that was in the original plan - Waiting lists. The rest shall be released very soon in a version update. This was done to do the release quicker since some of the other features were taking more time than expected. We will do a new roadmap for v.2.3 soon with complete details of what to expect.

Besides the feature, we have resolved quite a few bugs and made some overall improvements in this release.

Read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version as there are some backward compatibility breaks in this release.

To know more about this release and complete details on how the Waiting list system works, read on!

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JTicketing 2.2.0 - What to expect?


Thank you for the amazing response to the JTicketing 2.1.0 release. We are happy to bring you the roadmap for the changes planned in the next major release - JTicketing 2.2.0. The main focus of this release is the event waiting list that will allow people to enrol for the event even after the maximum number of registrations has been reached. Read on for the detailed list of features planned for the next major release.

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JTicketing Roadmap 2013-14. See whats coming up!


Our extensions are regularly maintained & we keep adding new features to extensions periodically. Features are based on our users feedback on the forums, via Tickets, email & Social Channels. Do Comment on this article & give us your Feedback. Your inputs shall be considered in order to convert this Draft roadmap to a frozen one. Commen...

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iDEAL support for SocialAds, Quick2Cart, JGive & JTicketing from JD iDEAL


Dutch Users rejoice! Now the popular payment gateway from the Netherlands is now available for all our extensions that need payments as listed below. SocialAdsQuick2CartJGiveJTicketing iDeal is used by more than 50% online shoppers in the Netherlands. We have JD iDEAL to thank for this great integration. Note that if you wish to use to use iDeal wi...

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JTicketing version 1.4.4 is here!


We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of JTicketing v1.4.4 to our subscribers. This version introduces some great usability changes including better implementation of bootstrap, One-Page checkout & a new Dashboard control panel in the backend. This is also an upgrade that you will need to do if you plan to use our brand new IOS & Android app for Event owners. 


 Selection 007 Selection 008 Selection 009 Selection 010

Let's take a quick look at the Features

  • One Page checkout flow for a quicker & streamlined checkout experience
  • Billing information capture during checkout introduces
  • Compatibility with JEvents 3.1.7 & JomSocial 3X
  • VAT Reg No Field added on request for EU customers
  • Invoice support added on request for EU customers 
  • Basic Taxation support introduced
  • Better Bootstrap implementation 
  • New Control Panel with a dashboard

This is a release that we would recommend everyone upgrades to. To read the full details of this release including all features & bug fixes, please read on. 

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JTicketing Event Manager's App is here for Android & IOS. Download it for Free today!


Event Owners rejoice! The JTicketing Event Managers app for Android & iOS is here !!  Scan Tickets, Look up names on your guestlists and use multiple devices without worrying about the same ticket being used twice. The JTicketing Event Manager's application lets the event organisers stay organised & check in the attendees at their Event usi...

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JTicketing 1.4.6 released!


Hey All, We are releasing JTicketing 1.4.6 with some minor fixes and small feature.  Features #26014  Added to embed ticket HTML in email. Also added configuration Task #25689  FOF and strapper updated Bug Fixes#26013  Event saving problem solved for JomSocial #25688  Issue while editing JomSocial event   #25687  Resolved js Conflict with Rockbox p...

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JTicketing 1.5 Alpha 1 Released!


We are pleased to announce the availability to JTicketing Alpha 1 for testing. This is another step towards an awesome new stable release for JTicketing. This release has 80% of the planned features of JTicketing 1.5.    So your input now is critical. Please help us test this release & file your bugs!  Thank you all who have contributed to test...

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JTicketing 1.5 is here with native events, attendee fields & more!


Hello All!

Extremely sorry for the long silence & recent delays in releases. Actually, we have been sitting on this release for almost 2 weeks now as we wanted to launch it on the new site. We have been working hard on this release for almost 2 months now & extensive work has gone into making it feature rich as well as rock stable.

Native Events Management, Extensive Field Manager, Attendee Field collection, Paypal Adaptive payments, Microdata & OG Tag support, a fresh new checkout process ... The list of features is long in this release. I am sure you are as excited as we are about this! 


To See the full details of this release, read on for the complete blog detailing each feature. The release is available immediately for all active subscribers. Not using JTicketing yet or Subscription expired?

!--Demo --> Buy Now

Read on to the full details of the release 

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JTicketing 2.1.2 is here!


In keeping with our commitment to ensuring our products are secure and bug-free, we are happy to bring you a security and maintenance release for JTicketing v.2.1.2. We have fixed a few bugs apart from fixing issues found in our audits.

Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version as there are backward compatibility breaks if you are upgrading from 2.0.x or lower versions.

It is recommended you upgrade to the latest version of JTicketing as soon as possible to ensure you are on a secure version.

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Read on for the complete changelog.

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JTicketing 2.1 brings powerful reports powered by TJ Reports, a tighter Shika integration & integrated jLike


We are happy to bring you JTicketing 2.1 with mobile friendly user interface, major UI improvements, tighter integration with Shika and jLike integrated and bundled into the core extension. TJ Reports integration has brought powerful reports, the jLike integration brings a powerful blended User calendar and some great Classroom training features. This is just the tip of feature iceberg. We’ve managed to squeeze in quite a few things more than what we had promised in the roadmap blog !

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Read on to get the complete details on what this version brings. Make sure you read our release notes before you upgrade as backward compatibility breaks in this release.

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Security release updates for JTicketing, JGive and Invitex plus bug fix release for JBolo


We always aim to keep our customers’ sites free from any vulnerabilities, so our security team is continuously trying to make Techjoomla products safer. As a part of this, we recently discovered some issues with JGive, JTicketing and Invitex. An updated version for these 3 products is now available, and all our customers are requested to immediately upgrade to the newer versions.

Along with the security fixes, a few minor enhancements are included in some of the extensions. With these releases, we’re also making it easy for you to know if you’re using an old version. Additionally, we’re also making a bug-fix release for JBolo.

Read on for more information regarding the exciting renewal discount.

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