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Easy Campaign reporting and much more with JGive 2.2!


Whether you are doing fundraising for a non-profit or building crowdfunding marketplaces to drive innovation, a key element is building trust between the donors and the promoters. Regular reporting on how the donor's money is being used can go a long way in establishing this critical relation.

With the campaign reporting feature in JGive 2.2, we bring a rich and intuitive way for campaign managers to give updates on their progress to stakeholders.

Besides this there are a host of other improvements and features that make this release a 'must upgrade’ !

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Read on to get the complete details on what this version has in store for you. This is our third major release as a part of JGive nEXT series. Make sure you read our release notes before you upgrade as backward compatibility breaks in this release.

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JGive 2.0 is here with brand new UI, activity stream and much more!

JGive 2.0 is here with brand new UI, activity stream and much more!

When we posted about our new design first approach for jGive nEXT back in December, 2016, we received a host of emails and comments with some excellent feedback. We thank you for all the love you have shown and bring to you the first release in the nEXT series - JGive 2.0 !

The biggest features that we introduce in this release are the revamped UX, a rich activity stream and an awesome new dashboard along with php 7.1 compatibility. One key thing to remember is that this is a ‘Major’ release which breaks backward compatibility. This means that you will need to rework any html overrides you have done when you plan your upgrade. Also note that as announced we will be dropping Bootstrap 2 support in this release. This also means that if you are using our partner template - JSN Fidem, you need to wait for Joomlashine to release a new version with Bootstrap 3 before you can upgrade.

Everyone is advised to read the release note carefully before upgrading to the latest version. Read on to know more regarding the features and a detailed changelog.

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Validity from 12th April, 2017 to 19th April, 2017

Click on read more for the complete details.

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