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JTicketing 2.3.4 is released with actionlog, privacy plugins and several bug fixes


We have released a new update for our feature packed event booking system for Joomla. We are happy to release JTicketing 2.3.4 which primarily adds support for Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools suite.

This release introduces two new plugins: action log plugin and privacy plugin for JTicketing. Besides this, we have also fixed plenty of bugs and security issues in this release.

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Read on for details related to the plugins and for the detailed changelog.


The Actionlog plugin for JTicketing

  • Actionlog plugin for JTicketing allows site administrators to log actions for activities integral to JTicketing like events, event orders, users, venues, coupons and attendee fields of the site users.
  • Site administrator can review the user actions and adjust the plugin settings according to his preferences.
  • This plugin is by default disabled on fresh installations, site admin can enable it if needed. Note that the logging actions can be turned off by disabling the plugin.

Below screenshot illustrates the action logging plugin for JTicketing

The Privacy plugin

  • The privacy plugin is responsible for processing privacy related requests to JTicketing. Privacy related requests are related to export and deletion of user data.
  • This plugin will help site admins drafting their privacy policy by showing in the admin area what all user data JTicketing collects
  • Also, it will let export JTicketing-user-data with ‘Privacy Tools’ added in Joomla 3.9.0
  • This plugin will also delete JTicketing related data of users with ‘Privacy Tools’ added in Joomla 3.9.0


Feature Added (2):

  • #134039 Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support - Add new Actionlog plugin for JTicketing
  • #134329 Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support - Add new Privacy plugin for JTicketing

- Bugs Fixed (10):

  • #124795 [Edit event-frontend]- Display custom location two times on event venue dropdown
  • #127925 Getting file issue while uninstalling the Jticketing package
  • #130754 Billing Info Details > First name, last name, and City is accepting blank spaces also
  • #131187 [Attendee list-frontend]- Check in time convert into UTC time in CSV file
  • #132742 Security issues
  • #135362 Event map is not getting displayed on event detail view
  • #135891 [Backend Jticketing]: plugins, modules are not getting uninstalled while uninstalling the JTicketing component
  • #135950 Backend > Attendee list >All columns are not visible, need to add the horizontal scrollbar
  • #136120 Checkin - Not working in case of the integration event
  • #136599 Attendee list view - Performance issue 
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