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JTicketing 2.9 adds custom Joomla fields support for events & many more improvements


We are happy to bring you a brand new major release of our ticketing solution. JTicketing 2.9 is here with Joomla custom fields support for events and Joomla custom fields support for event categories for backend. Events with the same name are now differentiated by appending the event date. Email notification is sent to event attendees in case the admin rejects the enrollment to the event. Besides this, we have redesigned the venue creation form and fixed plenty of bugs in this release. 

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We encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible!  Read on for the details and for the complete changelog. 

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JTicketing 2.8 brings move event attendees and event organizer notification for event enrollment


We are happy to bring you JTicketing 2.8 with the move event attendees feature for site administrators. Site administrators can move event attendees to the upcoming event. Event organizers will now be updated for enrollment to the events. We have also done some Adobe Connect compatibility fixes for online events. 

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JTicketing 2.7 brings feedback form for events, certificate for event attendees, sign-in sheet and name card sheet


We have yet another major release for JTicketing. JTicketing 2.7 brings some amazing new features to the Joomla Event ticketing space. Event attendees can now submit feedback for the attended events. They can now get certificates for their checked-in events. 

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JTicketing 2.6 brings brand new Event Filters, Google Analytics E-commerce integration & the ability to copy events


JTicketing 2.6 brings some fantastic new features to the Joomla Event ticketing space. We have introduced a set of new filters on the Events page in a more compact format. 

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Event Marketing Strategies and Best Practices


In a customer-empowered world, marketers need to capitalize on every opportunity to get noticed, build relationships, and earn the trust of customers. 

The modern consumer needs more than just a product pitch when evaluating solutions and making purchasing decisions. Therefore, there’s a lot that marketing companies can gain from events. Through events, companies can showcase their products while offering customers a firsthand experience of their brand and personality.

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3 Common marketing problems that can be solved by an event landing page


Crafting landing pages for marketing has been widely used in all industries. It brings a more personalized experience for visitors, therefore increasing the chances of taking further action.

In the events industry, a landing page not only serves to maximize conversions but can also help you solve many other marketing challenges.

This article will show you 3 common marketing problems that can be solved by an event landing page. 

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JTicketing 2.5.2 is here with design improvements to the event details page and free Google Maps APIs for maps


We are very excited to announce the release of JTicketing 2.5.2. This release brings design improvements for event details page similar to Eventbrite for mobile and desktop views. In addition to this, we have removed the old JavaScript API and used embed API to display the map with default direction facility. We recommend you to read this blog to know how we have used free Google map API to display a map on the event details page.

This map is responsive across all devices. Besides this, we have also fixed many bugs in this release.

Read on for the screenshot and the detailed changelog.

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JTicketing now uses only free Google Maps APIs


Last year, Google made some pricing changes to its Maps APIs. While there is still a pretty big free tier which includes unlimited map embeds, some of the APIs have a free tier limit. Starting JTicketing 2.5.2,  we have modified the Google Map services that get used, so that you can stay within the free tier. 

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JTicketing 2.5.1 maintenance release


We are happy to release a new update for our Joomla event booking system, JTicketing v2.5.1. This is primarily a bug-fix release for the issues reported by our subscribers. We have also done some hygiene improvements in this release. 

Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version.

It is recommended you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to ensure you are on a secure version. 

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Read on for the complete changelog.

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JTicketing 2.5 brings brand new checkout UI and improved fee management


We are very excited to announce the release of JTicketing 2.5. This release is like an iceberg with 90% of the changes being under the hood. For developers, the codebase has been moved to a consistent factory pattern and we have begun deprecating all the legacy helpers. This will mean a more standardized and manageable codebase as well as faster future releases! 

For integrators & site builder subscribers, we have introduced some powerful features that have been requested by several of you. With online payments, the checkout experience is crucial for success. In this release, the checkout experience is completely revamped in a bid to make it quick and compact. We have taken a mobile-first approach in the checkout so the entire purchase process works great in mobile as well as desktop.

In addition to this, a much-requested feature - the ability for the site admin to choose if they want to include fees in ticket prices or charge them on top has been introduced.  (Thanks Shane Cox for Sponsoring this feature!)

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Read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version. Read on for the details and for the detailed changelog. 

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JTicketing 2.4.2 maintenance release


We are happy to bring you a new update for JTicketing, v2.4.2. We have fixed many bugs in this release. This is primarily a maintenance release to ensure all extensions using 'Techjoomla common library code' function smoothly on the same site. If you are using our other extensions like JGive or Quick2cart or Shika along with JTicketing on the same ...

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Techjoomla has joined hands with the creative people from JoomlaShine to bring JTicketing subscribers an amazing treat

JTicketing+JSN Festival

Techjoomla is pleased to announce our new partnership with JoomlaShine to bring JTicketing users a beautiful treat! JSN Festival, their latest offering brings a stunning new user interface for JTicketing. This template is a perfect fit for any ticketing system.

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A shiny new checkout for JTicketing that works great on mobile


A shiny new checkout for JTicketing that works great on mobile

Since the release of JTicketing 2.3, our UI/UX team has been at the drawing board crafting a new look for the checkout flow. A responsive and well-designed checkout is crucial to ensure you can make the most of your paid ticketing site.

In JTicketing 2.5 we are making the checkout completely responsive, and making the UI much more convenient to use. We are hoping that with this release, there will be lesser drop-offs and the checkout process is faster.

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JTicketing 2.4.0 brings frontend coupon creation, event-based coupons and venue gallery


We are very excited to bring you a brand new release of JTicketing, version 2.4. This release brings improvements to the coupon system as well as a brand new venue gallery which is a great way to show off your venues. The Coupons system now allows the creation of Vendor specific coupons, Event specific coupons and also allows creation from the frontend! Read on for complete details of this release.

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JTicketing 2.3.5 maintenance release


We are happy to bring you a maintenance release for JTicketing, v2.3.5. We have fixed plenty of bugs in this release. Please read the release notes carefully before upgrading to the latest version. It is recommended you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to ensure you are on a secure version. Buy JTIcketing Read on for the complete c...

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