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JTicketing 2.5 brings brand new checkout UI and improved fee management


We are very excited to announce the release of JTicketing 2.5. This release is like an iceberg with 90% of the changes being under the hood. For developers, the codebase has been moved to a consistent factory pattern and we have begun deprecating all the legacy helpers. This will mean a more standardized and manageable codebase as well as faster future releases! 

For integrators & site builder subscribers, we have introduced some powerful features that have been requested by several of you. With online payments, the checkout experience is crucial for success. In this release, the checkout experience is completely revamped in a bid to make it quick and compact. We have taken a mobile-first approach in the checkout so the entire purchase process works great in mobile as well as desktop.

In addition to this, a much-requested feature - the ability for the site admin to choose if they want to include fees in ticket prices or charge them on top has been introduced.  (Thanks Shane Cox for Sponsoring this feature!)

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Read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version. Read on for the details and for the detailed changelog. 

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