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JTicketing 2.5 brings brand new checkout UI and improved fee management


We are very excited to announce the release of JTicketing 2.5. This release is like an iceberg with 90% of the changes being under the hood. For developers, the codebase has been moved to a consistent factory pattern and we have begun deprecating all the legacy helpers. This will mean a more standardized and manageable codebase as well as faster future releases! 

For integrators & site builder subscribers, we have introduced some powerful features that have been requested by several of you. With online payments, the checkout experience is crucial for success. In this release, the checkout experience is completely revamped in a bid to make it quick and compact. We have taken a mobile-first approach in the checkout so the entire purchase process works great in mobile as well as desktop.

In addition to this, a much-requested feature - the ability for the site admin to choose if they want to include fees in ticket prices or charge them on top has been introduced.  (Thanks Shane Cox for Sponsoring this feature!)

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Read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version. Read on for the details and for the detailed changelog. 

Mobile-first checkout UI

The entire checkout has been overhauled to make it efficient and fast. Here are the key improvements

  • Mobile-first checkout pages that work great on mobile as well as desktop
  • Choosing which ticket types and quantities needs is more intuitive
  • Event information and total payable amount will be displayed on all pages leading to the payment. This ensures that users always know what they are buying and how much are they paying.
  • Adding attendees is easy, each attendee form is visually separated in its own box 

Improved fee management

With JTicketing 2.5, we have vastly improved the fee management system and have included many changes requested by our subscribers. 

Fees can be exclusive or inclusive of the ticket price

Currently, the price that the buyer pays, is always inclusive of the fees. In 2.5, you can choose to make the fees exclusive of the ticket price. In case of exclusive fees, the value of the fees will be added on top of the ticket price. Eg: if the platform fee is 10% then for a 100 USD ticket the buyer will pay 110 USD (The seller gets the full 100$). If the fees are inclusive, for a platform fee of 10% and ticket price of 100$ the buyer will pay only 100 USD (the seller gets only 90$).

Order or Ticket level fees

Earlier we only allowed an order level fee which meant that if the platform fee was 10 USD and a buyer bought 5 tickets total worth 500 USD, the fee was still 10 USD.  In order to give the admins more control now, we also allow changing this to a per ticket fee. For the above example with this new setting, the fee would 50 USD. 

Responsive Invoice with vendor information

A brand new responsive Invoice is now introduced and displays the respective vendor’s (seller) information on the invoice. 

Under the hood refactor to introduce the Joomla Factory Pattern

Jticketing was using a lot of legacy helper based functions which made rapid development more complicated. In order to rehaul the codebase to be more modern & compliant and also work towards Joomla 4 compatibility, we have refactored JTicketing based on the factory pattern. 

Complete Changelog


  • #140496 - Order checkout UI
  • #144438 - Display Organizer details on an invoice
  • #140531 - Inclusive and exclusive fees
  • #140510 - Refactor order code to support Joomla 4 code base
  • #140510 - Refactor order flow and introduced factory pattern in JTicketing

Bugs (22)
112753 [Orders-Backend]- order report message display only on free tickets
112883 [Jomsocial Integration -Edit event]- Edit event page shows notice & warnings
113579 [Events-Backend]- unable to sort \location\" table"
127162 Attendee form bootstrap issue - Field is going outside the form
128944 [Waiting list- mail-frontend/backend]- Display notices on the send mail page
128944 [Waiting list- mail-frontend/backend]- Display notices on the send mail page
132652 XSS on my venue search field
133640 [Book ticket-frontend]- Shows strong tag on attendee fields tooltip
134323 [PHP 7.2] [Attendee list-frontend & backend] - Unable to sort Enrollment ID table
134325 [Time]- Ticket end date shows different time - Joomla 3.9.10 - Subform validation compatibility
135007 [waiting list]- User can enroll the number of the wait-listed user by hitting waiting list cron
135845 [Delete order]- If admin delete any order then all information related to that order should be deleted
136007 Multiple tickets are shown in single ticket orders
136122 Security fixes for select ticket limit
139954 [ES integration]- Validations are missing for ticket count/seats
141525 [Waiting list cron]- Missing language constant for waiting list message
144774 XSS in Event Venue
145245 Access Control on Coupons not Implemented properly
145554 Reports does not work until the jticketingactivities plugin is not enabled
146806 Ticket price not able to save float value

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