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JGive 2.5.4 is here with exclusive platform fee support for donations


We are happy to announce the new release of our Joomla crowdfunding solution. JGive 2.5.4 introduces the much-requested feature - the ability for the site administrator to choose if they want to include the platform fee in the donation/investment amount itself or charge it on top of the donation/investment amount.

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Besides this, we have also fixed many bugs in this release. Read on for the detailed changelog.


Platform fees can be exclusive or inclusive of the donation/investment

Currently, the price that the donor/investor pays, is always inclusive of the fees. With JGive 2.5.4, the site administrator can choose to make the platform fees inclusive/exclusive for the campaign donor/investor.

In case of exclusive fees, the value of the fees will be added on top of the donation/investment. 

Eg: if the platform fee is 10% then for a 100 USD donation/investment, the donor/investor will pay 110 USD (The campaign creator gets the full 100$). 

For exclusive fees, the site administrator can either let donors/investors choose whether they want to pay the platform fee or they can make the platform fee mandatory for donors/investors. 


If the fees are inclusive, for a platform fee of 10% and donation/investment of 100$, the donor/investor will pay only 100 USD (the campaign creator gets only 90$).



Feature #166396: JGive Exclusive Fee

Bugs Fixed(6):

Bug #166765: Backend Individual donors report - Donation amount was calculating even if donation order was in  pending status

Bug #166465: Have added new giveback title tag in emails template

Bug #166610: Donation order status was not updating while using Paypal Payment Gateway

Bug #166531: While saving campaign from backend was facing error 0 Call to a member function save() on boolean

Bug #164920: Giveback quantity validation was missing

Bug #164260: Frontend donation form - 'Donation amount' appears in different formats if select giveback option.

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