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JGive 2.5.1 is here


We have released an update for our Joomla crowdfunding extension. With the JGive 2.5.1 release, we have implemented several fixes to address issues reported by our subscribers. We encourage you to upgrade to this release as soon as possible. 

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Read on for the complete changelog.


Bug Fixes (23):

  • #163525: Upgrade to latest version notification was not displaying on the backend control panel
  • #162041: My campaign donor - filter dropdowns was not good UI
  • #159884: Create vendor form - cancel button was not working
  • #161229: User should get notice and add vendor link on Individual contact list view if 'Enable auto vendor registration?' set to 'No'
  • #163905: Was not able to set goal amount in IRR currency(Ticket ID 21020)
  • #163854: Backend contribution report - CSV was not working
  • #163280: Donation form phone number field not accepting symbols like (+, -)
  • #163264: After uninstalling JGive component from site, site gets crashed
  • #162320: Campaign detail page - Donors Tab - Mode of Payment column was not displaying payment gateway name which was configured in payment plugin
  • #160628: Add vertical scroll to modal popup of campaign description
  • #157734: All campaigns - Filter option was opening on the click search icon
  • #154641: Recurring payment - Donor was able to donate for 0 installments
  • #136480: mod_jive campaigns] - After configuring mod_jgive_campaigns in the article, campaign pins are displaying vertically instead of horizontal
  • #95144 : Backend: When admin doing donation from backend the order status is confirmed but was not sending a donation receipt mail to the donor
  • #162136: Organization Donor form - the contact person field is misplaced
  • #155456: JGive configuration - Email notifications - Misplaced information box
  • #155238: Backend Vendor - Add fees - showing wrong error message for exceeding percentage.
  • #164201: Modules UI was not displaying correctly while using bootstrap 2 template
  • #163399: JGive invitex integration was not working
  • #140630: Backend Vendor Payouts- Payment amount validation was missing
  • #133080: TJvendor integration with extension - Missing language constant for approval status
  • #120718: TJVendor integration with extension - Need UI for reports
  • #135013: TJvendor integration with extension - No need of 'search by title' for search field
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