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JGive is a powerful “crowdfunding” extension that enables your members to create fund-raising projects; accept donations or Investments; and keep donors updated on the project’s progress.

Whether your members need to raise money for personal projects, causes, charities, business ventures, medical bills, musical endeavours, school events or non-profit fundraisers, our JGive extension makes it possible to do it with ease. What's more if you have a Social Networking extension like JomSocial/Community Builder or EasySocial, they can even transform their profile page into a mini-fundraising site - just like

Crowdfunding (sometimes called ‘crowd financing’, ‘crowd sourced capital’ or ‘micro-patronage’) is a popular new way for artists, bloggers, musicians, software developers and activists to support themselves and their projects through online ‘crowd’ donations. Your community members will LOVE being able to harness the power of the crowd to fund their projects—and you’ll love the boost in traffic, page-views and exposure your website will get when your members invite investors, family members, friends and fans alike over to your website to make donations.

No matter what kind of community or site you host, JGive is an app that your members will absolutely love and use in different ways. If you host a musician’s community, for example, your members could seek donations from fans to help fund the recording of their next CD. An entrepreneur could seek start-up capital from investors to build their latest invention. An open source software developer could seek donations to support the development of his free software. A boy scout’s troop could seek donations for a fundraising project. A blogger could request donations to help him/her pay his/her hosting fees. The possibilities are endless.

JGive is built using the Joomla MVC Framework which means you can easily extend & override what you want. Plus we have a very strong plugin API with lots of triggers allowing you to easily extend & integrate JGive as per your needs. 

JGive is fully Bootstrap 3 compatible. 

 Features Overview

Admin Features

Campaign Categorization and Featured Campaigns

Support for Categories adds awesome power. Now the Admin can setup Campaign categories and users can post in them.
Now even if you have hundreds or thousands of campaigns in your system, they will be well managed and easier to find!
Additionally campaigns can also be marked as Featured to give them additional focus.

Campaign Approval Workflow

Choose to have the admin approve all campaigns that are posted on the site. Very useful to make sure users are adhering to your site's Goals and Policies and to ensure the Quality of campaigns. This also includes sending appropriate emails on various actions to admin and campaign owner.

Super Flexible Site Commissions

Site Admins can charge a payment commission fee if they wish to cover the payment gateway and other expenses they might incur. This commission is subtracted from the donations received before making payouts. Global Commission can be configured as X fixed amount + Y % so that you can make the fee as flexible as you want.
Additionally you can also configure separate fees per Joomla User Group if you want.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our extensions are powered by the 'Joomla Common Payments API' . Your Subscription comes with free support and updates for the following plugins.
-Paypal - Adaptive Payment
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order
-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points

All plugins listed on this link will also likely work. However they are not covered under the support subscription.

Paypal Adaptive Payments To Make Fees Much Easier With Automated Payouts !

Paypal Adaptive payments lets us do Split Parallel payments instantly. Which means if the Donor is making a Donation / Investment of 200$ and payments of 180$ to the campaign owner and 20$ to the Admin for his fee.

Recurring Donations With Paypal

jGive has the ability to allow recurring donations. At moment this functionality is available only with the Paypal payment gateway. We will extend it to other Payment gateways depending on demand in later versions.

Paypal Mass Payments

Paypal Mass payments is a legacy feature we have that can be used if you have approval from paypal for the same.
The Paypal Mass pay API can be used to completely automate payouts.

Backoffice Functions for Donation Management

jGive also lets you add donations manually from the backend for those donors who walk into the office and pay donations offline.

Campaign promotion using Invitex

Achieving a campaign donation / investment goal within the decided time is of prime importance. Now to overcome this challenge promoting the campaigns is vital. With this new campaign promotion feature viral invitations using Invitex asking people to donate/ invest on your campaign can be sent to people, resulting in improved rate of donation / investments.

Backend ACL

Admin has the power! Admin can now decide which user group can create campaigns, add donations from backend, edit component configuration etc.

Detailed Admin Dashboard

Admins get the liberty to get an overview of all the campaigns on their website by having a look at the Total Campaigns, Total Goal Amount, Donation Pie Chart, Funded Amount and Commission Amount.

Field Manager

Add an extra field from backend. It can be text, radio,calendar etc. anything. Just fill the details and it will be shown in a new tab on the campaign details page

Make SEO friendly campaigns

Ability to add Meta Keywords and Meta Description while creating a campaign, you can rest assure about the visibility of the campaign on various search engines.

Mass mailing

With mass mailing, campaign owners can easily get in touch with the donors by writing them an email and sending it to all of them at one single click

Donation Receipt

Donors will get a donation confirmation receipt in email after successful donation.

Donors List View

Admin has an access to the list of donors and their details for the various campaigns through the Donors List View. The Search tool allows the admin to filter the Donor list by various fields like Donor name and email id.

TJ Vendor Integration with JGive

JGive will support centralised vendor management and payouts via TJ Vendor.

Frontend Features


Users can create multiple fund raising projects or campaigns. Besides other details to educate visitors about their project, they can also set a fundraising goals ($50, $500, $5000, etc). Time left for the campaign, no of donors who have donated toward the campaign, amount donated so far are shown on the campaign pages.

Rich Text Editor For Campaigns

Users can use a full featured Rich text editor to add descriptions about their campaigns. We recommend using JCE and setting up a Profile for frontend submissions that allows only the required features on the frontend.
This means you can now add multiple Photos, Videos etc to your campaign!

Scheduling and Advanced Options

The Campaign owner can schedule a start date and end date for his campaign and schedule them in advance if needed.
Advanced options like "Allowing Donations to Exceed Goal Amount" and deciding if donations should be shown publicly or not are available.

Campaign Gallery

Impress your donors/investors by maintaining an awesome campaign gallery!
You can add multiple images against the campaign and show them in a nice gallery layout with lightbox effects.

In case of videos, with this feature you can show the donors / investors that the funds they will be sending or have already sent will be used in such a way. Creating campaign specific videos is going to help you build that trust and eventually get more donations / investors.

Campaign Primary Image or Video

You can now make your campaign look impressive by adding a primary campaign image or campaign video to the campaign.

Giveaways and Rewards

Let your campaign owners setup rewards for donors or investors. For instance,
- for a $100 donation, “Bob” will send each donor a signed thank you card.
- for a $200 donation, Bob will personally call them to thank them, etc.

Giveaways or Rewards have a prominent display and can have an image associated with them. In addition, donors can specifically choose the give away they want.

Show Your Donors Some Love !

jGive lets you show your campaign donors in a nice tab on your Campaign page. It's a great way to say thank you !
Donor Name, Donation amount and Donor Avatars from CB/JomSocial or EasySocial will be shown if you have one of these extensions.
Donors also have an option to not be listed publicly in which case, they will show as anonymous donors on this view.

Beautiful and Responsive With Bootstrap 3!

jGive uses Bootstrap 3 to give an awesome and modern look at all its views. Plus all major views are also responsive which means if you are using Joomla 3.x or a responsive template you will be ready for Mobile too!

Awesome Pin Layout For Campaigns With Lots Of Sort, Filter and Quick Search Options

Now you see all the campaigns in a fresh new layout inspired by Kickstarter. It comes with a great horizontal layout for filtering the campaign and an independent sorting dropdown option to help your users find the campaigns they want.
Its now easier than ever to find the campaign of your choice.

Streamlined Checkout Process With Guest Donations, Silent Registration and More!

jGive has an awesome streamlined checkout process that ensures maximum conversions. Donors have an option to Login or do a Guest checkout or Register silently without having to fill any extra fields. We regularly improve the checkout processes in all our e-commerce extensions to ensure maximum conversion.

Quick Donor Data Capture in checkout

Donor data is pretty important for non profits. Our streamlined checkout process has an efficient way to capture donor data. Returning donors or donors having profiles on your site do not have to re enter data with our Autofill feature.

Campaigns Module

You can use this super versatile module to feature your campaigns on other pages of your site.
The multipurpose module will let you choose and show :
- Featured Campaigns
- Completed Campaigns
- Ongoing Campaigns
- Failed Campaigns
on any page you want in a slick display.

The best use of the module is to make copies of it and set them on different modes to make the Home page of your Funding section.

Donors and Donations Display Module

Using this module, you can show various types of jGive data on any page you want !
The module has multiple modes as below::
- My Donations
- Recent donations on site
- Top donations
- Overall top donors

Quick Donation

Why increase the time of donation / investment process with long never ending form filling session and thus reducing the donation / investment rate? With Quick donation feature the donor / investor have to just fill his name, email id, select the payment method and Done!

Campaign Specific Video gallery

With this feature you can show the donors / investors that the funds they will be sending or have already sent will be used in such a way. Creating campaign specific videos is going to help you build that trust and eventually get more donations / investors.

Amazing Dashboard for Campaign Owners

Campaign owners can closely monitor their campaigns by having a look at the graph that shows that 'total donation' and 'average donation' of his campaigns. One can also look at the top 4 donors for the campaigns along with the recent 4 activities associated with the campaigns. The campaign owner can also have a look at the campaigns created by him in 'My campaigns'.

Donors List View

Select your campaign and have a look of donors for that campaign at a glance with new this new donors list view. You can also select the donors from this view for mass mailing.

Complete Donation

Complete your pending donation with the Complete donation option if you are not able to complete your donation due to technical issues.

Advanced field based filtering for JGive

Extensive field based filtering for Campaigns with 'TJ-Fields' based filtering for all the item display pages.

Activity Stream

The brand new activity stream system creates an aggregated stream of all activities happening around the campaign. Stay updated with your campaign!

Brand new create campaign view

Brand new create campaign view for both front end and back end


Social Integrations

jGive Integrates with EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder and JomWall for User Data, Avatars and Activity Stream data push.
- You can opt to use user data, avatar and activity stream integration -from any of these extensions.
- You can also map data fields to be automatically pulled from Joomla, CB, JomSocial or EasySocial.
- You can also choose to integrate with plain Joomla if you don't have or need these integrations.

EasySocial Integration and Application

The Easy Social Integration integrates pushes for all jGive activities into the EasySocial Stream. Plus campaigns owned by the user are shown on the User's Profile using the My Campaigns Application.

JomSocial Plugin

Shows the campaigns owned by the user on his profile in a nice and compact manner. Let users accept Donations from their profiles!

The plugin shows a quick snapshot of the user's campaigns on his or her profile with a nice progress bar as well as a quick and easy donate button. Number of campaigns to show can be configured by the admin.

Group Donations Support For JomSocial

You can tie-in your campaign with your JomSocial groups and also show it on the Group pages using Campaigns module. Now you can start doing Group specific campaigns or investments!

Sharing Is Caring!

You can enable native social-sharing for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ along with support for Open Graph Tags. Or you can also switch on AddThis based sharing.

Easyprofile Community Integration

Adding one more community integration in JGive’s kitty along with JomSocial, EasySocial, CB and JomWall. EasyProfile is yet another awesome social networking extension if you’re looking for something very light and simple. JGive now tightly integrates with this one ;)

TJ Notifications integration with JGive

Quickly and easily customize your email templates with TJ notifications.

Reports - Admin

Campaign-wise Reports For Admins

Admins can get a bird's-eye view of the campaigns running on their site using this report. It shows a consolidated view of total donations received for the campaign and commissions for it.

Donations Report For Admins

View showing all the donations happening on the site with Campaign filter.

Payouts Reports and Paypal Mass Payments

We give an easy to use Payouts manager where the admin can see pending payouts and document them easily. Actual payments from the site to campaign owners need to be handled offline unless you have approval for Paypal Mass payments or Paypal Adaptive.

Reports - Frontend

My Campaigns For Campaign Owners

Offers a quick and easy way to see the list of campaigns the user is running on the website with a snapshot of performance.

My Donations For Donors

Make it easy for Donors to see all their donations in one place with the My Donations view.

My Payouts For Campaign Owners

Show the Campaign owner a history of his payouts and details of how much the site owes them.


Campaigns Report

Campaigns Report displays the list of campaigns along with their start dates, end dates, number of donors, goal amount and donations received for the campaign.

Campaigns Promoter Report

Campaigns Promoter report is vital for campaign promoters as it provides information regarding the total number of campaigns and total amount raised against the campaigns.

Donor Campaign Report

This report displays the donor details like first name, last name, address, phone number, the amount paid along with giveback if it is applicable with respect to the campaigns. The focus is here on individual campaigns with respect to the donors.

Donors Report

Donors report gives information on the number of donations and total amount donated by the donors.

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