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Shika 1.3.17 maintenance release


It’s Tuesday and we are happy to present you with a maintenance update for Shika, our Learning Management System for Joomla. Shika 1.3.17 mainly addresses bug fixes reported by some of our clients. This release also brings readiness for the soon to be released JLike 3.0. We recommend you to read the release notes before upgrading to the latest version. Read on for the detailed changelog.


Bugs Fixed (23):

  • 7769 Back end > Order view > in payment status drop-down showing 'select status' value, after selecting this value its showing error
  • ​#​147761 Backend> Exercise> Autopick questions> Not able to fetch questions even questions are available in Question Bank.
  • ​#​147756 Frontend>For Free Course - ES group is not getting visible under Groups.​
  • ​#​147681 Front panel>> Quiz>>Rating labels does not shows on answer sheet
  • ​#​147665 Single course report throwing 503 on the large data
  • ​#​147613 Questions overview- Skip not working
  • ​#​147590 Keep error reporting to maximum- Question Import Ajax shows errors and also some "finalMsg" not found error in console
  • ​#​147502 Rating type does not get saved
  • ​#​147395 Admin panel>>Quiz>> Quiz (lesson)category gets reset
  • ​#​147370 Quiz> Autopick Questions :: Add questions button should be active only after the questions are fetched
  • ​#​147354 Post uploading associate file in a lesson, not able to see the files in the library, even if I remove the attached associated files
  • ​#​147341 Quiz lesson -> Question pool -> Existing rule = Required sign must be in red color.
  • ​#​147097 Popup for mandatory question should appear first for Exercise and Feedback.
  • ​#​147024 On after deleting or removing using Skip button, remove the success messages
  • ​#​146325 If no course has been featured then do not show LMS Course Display" module.
  • ​#​146307 Quiz -> Add questions -> Generate a Question Pool and Generate Quizzes dynamically - fixed grammatical mistakes in rules available in blue strip message
  • ​#​146202 Exercise-> Assessment - The Note content misplaced.
  • ​#​146009 Create quiz - The page getting scrolled down when user comes to Time limit from Basic details page.
  • ​#​145977 Question overview section broken at front panel
  • ​#​144955 Question pool = Questions in a pool field can accepts invalid input
  • ​#​144402 User group not assigned to the user for paid course enrollment
  • ​#​144024Registered users can launch a lesson in registered course without enrolling in the course
  • ​#​143064 Frontend >> Quiz >> Attempts exhausted message appears if user press back button after starting a quiz


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