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Simple Tips to Design Landing Pages that Convert


No marketing campaign is complete without having an effective landing page. The aim of the page is to attract the visitors’ attention and make them take the desired call-to-action. And marketers know this all too well. 

48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Also, companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55% whereas companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12X more leads than those with five or less!

It doesn’t just end with creating more number of landing pages, but also, creating the best of them. Here are some insider tips on how you too can design the best-converting landing pages. 

Highlight Your Value Proposition 

The importance of content can’t be ignored while creating any web page. This is applicable to landing pages as well. Come up with a website design that highlights your value proposition in the best possible way. Remember, your target audience will have an attention span less than that of a goldfish (8 seconds and less). So, craft the content that is to-the-point and presents the purpose of your brand or business effectively. 

Pro Tip: You can tweak the heading and use it to state your most significant achievements. This will capture their attention for sure. Next up, you can target the subheading and explain what is being offered to the audience. 

Include Captivating CTA Buttons 

Irrespective of the website you create, you need to come up with captivating Call-To-Action buttons. These buttons can be for – signing up, requesting a demo, purchasing, or getting more information. It is a good idea is to keep these buttons both on the top and the bottom of the page. 

Pro Tip: Go for a floating CTA button, which will remain visible to them irrespective of where they are on the page. 

Keep the Forms Simple 

Lead generation forms are one of the essentials when it comes to creating landing pages. While it helps you collect data, the only way to get them filled is by keeping the forms short. You may be tempted to gather as much information as possible from the lead, but that’s not recommended. You need to ensure that you request information that is important and don’t go over the board asking too many questions. 

Pro Tip: Just ask for the name and email addresses – that should do the trick. Avoid asking the birthdate and phone numbers if you can. 

Stick to Minimalism

Today, creating impactful websites is all about being minimalist. This applies to the landing pages as well, which need to be attractive without a lot of elements on the page. The idea is to present your information without being overly intrusive. 

Pro Tip: Go for plenty of white space, large images, and big fonts. 

Don’t Forget the Design Responsiveness 

While you are designing the landing page, don’t forget to take into consideration the layout of the page. Make it a point to check it at various resolutions. This will ensure that the page will appear perfectly on varying screens and devices. 

Pro Tip: Mobile-compatibility / mobile-friendliness is critical for ranking your landing page high on search engines. 

Use Apt Visuals 

Gone are the days when stock images used to rule when it came to photographs or images on a website. 

Pro Tip: Experiment with animations, hero images, impressive product photography, and so on. Go for high-resolution images that highlight your product or service.  

Demonstrate your Credibility 

There are scores of websites out there so what will make your target audience trust you more? The answer lies in credibility. 

Pro Tip: Adding a contact page with the map of your address, testimonials, trust marks, badges are some of the ways you can enhance trustworthiness for your landing pages. 

Because there is only limited space, pick and choose what you want to display, and you will be good to go. 

Ready to Create Stellar Landing Pages that Convert?

These are some of the key design tips that will pave the way for the best landing pages. If you are designing your website in Joomla, check out Techjoomla’s Canva for Joomla plugin. It helps you create simple yet effective graphics for your landing pages quickly and easily. One of its salient features is an array of design elements and flexible layouts. That apart, you can also use page builders like SP Page Builder or ones from Themexpert or jumazi. Good news! Techjoomla users get a special discount for some of these extensions. Login to check out the discount codes here.

Want to know more? Connect with our Joomla experts, who can assist you further. 

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