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Shika 1.3.16 brings the ability to add labels to rating values in feedback lessons


We are happy to release Shika 1.3.16 with a minor improvement by adding labels to the rating type questions. Besides this, we have also fixed many bugs in this release.

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Read on for more details and the detailed changelog. 

Added rating label for rating-type questions

When you are creating a Rating type question, it can get confusing when you have a scale of 5 or 10 what each node of the scale or rating means. With the Labels, you can make it clear what each rating means


+ Feature Added (1):

  • ​#​147368 Adding the rating label in questions

Bug Fixes(13):

  • ​#​147310My discussion icon missing on the dashboard
  • ​#​147251Front panel>> Courses>> category is not getting reset
  • ​#​146569 Admin panel>> Edit Course>> change the category of course>> try to save course >>subscription gets removed​
  • ​#​147101 Associate files getting a blank popup
  • ​#​147087User Course Category Report - need to have column Completion Percentage based on Enrolled courses
  • ​#​147014 Hierarchy >> when we export>>file does not get download
  • ​#​147007 ES points not getting allocated on after course completion
  • ​#​147000 Manage Enrolments> Courses under the unpublished category are getting displayed while adding the new enrolment
  • ​#​146314 Quiz -> Add questions -> Generate a Question Pool and Generate Quizzes dynamically - Filters labels are getting hide.
  • ​#​146245Quiz lesson -> Question pool -> Existing rule = Required sign missing for some of the required fields
  • ​#​145865 Text & Media lesson type -> Simple WYSIWYG Editor -> Launch editor = System redirect to FE view on click Read more link
  • ​#​145646 Logging in takes the user to the ‘Buy Now’ page
  • ​#​143674 Quiz/Exercise - The questions getting mixup in between Sections
  • ​#​130438 Course progress is not getting updated even if the user completes the attempt
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