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3 Common marketing problems that can be solved by an event landing page


Crafting landing pages for marketing has been widely used in all industries. It brings a more personalized experience for visitors, therefore increasing the chances of taking further action.

In the events industry, a landing page not only serves to maximize conversions but can also help you solve many other marketing challenges.

This article will show you 3 common marketing problems that can be solved by an event landing page. 

Problem #1: Your events page does not feel relevant to the customer

In this era, tailoring your customer's experience is highly recommended. Designing and developing a landing page for a specific event or a selected group of people will not only give your customer a fulfilling experience right from the start but also help you customize your message for maximum conversion rate.

In other words, you need to bring the right message for the right customer. Having a landing page brings you the opportunity to do so by avoiding distracting elements or ineffective general tone all in one.

Moreover, if you look more in-depth into the marketing aspect, having a customized event landing page brings many benefits to your promotion efforts. 

Why so?

If you decide to promote your events through an advertising tool like Google Advertising, landing page experiences directly contribute to your Quality Score. And the higher your Quality Score, the lower your ads expense. Therefore, save you more money and bring a better return on investment (ROI) rate.

And not just Google Ads. Using any other method requires a similar standard. 

There are also some common scenarios in which you should consider using a customized landing page: 

  • Events taking place in multiple locations: events can take place in different cities or countries, therefore a landing page for each location should be built, in which the message can be translated into the preferred language of that location. Moreover, it also helps your visitor avoid purchasing the wrong ticket or miss reading any important information. 
  • Sponsorship giveaways: Tickets, freebies, or discount giveaways are popular for sponsorship events. However, if the sponsor wants to keep track of restricted how all those gifts were used, you definitely need a custom landing page. 

Problem #2: Lack of promotion effort in events listing pages

Getting listed in any events listing pages is a crucial step if you want your events to get spread. However, each of those has different ways to showcase your information, mostly through a wall of text. And that is not an optimal way to promote your events.

Take for an example. A popular event listing page with more than 4 million visitors per month, widely used in the US. A very promising events listing page for any events take place inside America. But their events detail page is limited in features. 

Therefore, a tip for any events marketer who wants to promote in this or any similar platform includes a link to their events page for more comprehensive information and a much better conversion rate. Not only that, but it also ensures your brand is consistent and outstanding despite which platform you use. 

Problem #3: Your events do not get enough attention 

Listing your events in the news, blog, or upcoming activities page is often used by many businesses. It’s convenient and easy to implement but it’s also easily missed and drowned out in your latest news. 

Plus, the limit on your website platform will restrict how you want to showcase your events to potential visitors. Therefore, a customized landing page is preferred.

However, the barrier of technology may be a problem, since not everyone is a web developer or your dev team could not take time to pull this off. 

The answer to this problem is you need a third party events service provider, or you can take this matter to your own hand easily by using a page builder, a popular tool for building any website nowadays. Event landing pages are no exception.

It may sound like a lot of work for you but If you want to fill up all your seats, you need to put more effort in to promote your events. And building a landing page is both practical and time-saving since you can modify and reuse the landing page multiple-times in the future.


Promoting an event is no easy task. It requires as much experience and knowledge as promoting any other products. But you can make your life much easier by considering an event landing page in your marketing campaign. Using one could solve the 3 most common marketing problems for you as follows: 

  1. Your events page does not feel relevant to the customer
  2. Lack of promotion effort in events listing pages
  3. Your event does not get enough attention  

Read more: 

Tips: How do you create an event landing page in Joomla?

In Joomla, there are many page builder extensions that can help you with the landing page problem, and JSN PageBuilder 3 is one of those. With drag-n-drop features, user-friendly interface and over 37+ elements to choose, you can develop any landing page you want with no coding skills required. 

Moreover, with the help of JTicketing, a feature-packed events booking system, you can both create an amazing design specially for events page and a powerful management system in the back-end. 

Your events landing page can look as stunning as JSN Beat, an events Joomla template that is a combined work of both JSN PageBuilder 3 and JTicketing.

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