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JTicketing 2.8 brings move event attendees and event organizer notification for event enrollment


We are happy to bring you JTicketing 2.8 with the move event attendees feature for site administrators. Site administrators can move event attendees to the upcoming event. Event organizers will now be updated for enrollment to the events. We have also done some Adobe Connect compatibility fixes for online events. 

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Kudos to the all-girls team for this release. 

Besides the features, we have shipped many bug fixes. We encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible!  Read on for the details and for the complete changelog. 


Move event attendees 

With this release, site administrators can now move event attendees to the upcoming event. Many times event attendees aren’t able to enroll for the booked slot or attend the event and in case the same/similar or any other interesting event is available in the future, they would like to register or book tickets for the same. Attendees can be de-enrolled from the booked event and assigned to the other event. The attendees will receive the de-enrollment email as well as the new ticket email. 

Notify event organizer for event enrollment

With this release, event organizers will be updated in case of any enrollment to the events. Our infrastructure extension TJ Notifications has been upgraded for email notifications for JTicketing.

Complete Changelog

Features(2) -

#159621 - Move event attendee from one to another event

#159622 - Notify event organizer, if anyone enrolls for an event 


#159358 - Online event - Adobe Connect compatibility fixes

Bugs Fixed(20) -

  • #112285 [Reminders]-Reminders are not working
  • #155446 Front end >> My Certificate >> pagination page no are not displaying properly
  • #155465 Front end >> coupon:: If enter wrong coupon display extra space in the popup
  • #155968 Checkout - Book ticket - attendee collection - UI issue with event info block
  • #156964 Create event - description - editor buttons are not displaying
  • #156971 Attendee fields - required/not required field not getting displayed
  • #157022 Ticket book - Increment & decrement button - menu class conflicting with other templates
  • #157243 front end>>Filter under search tools gets hidden if user select filter \Attendee status\"."
  • #157249 Front end, Back end>> Attendee: Search box giving zero-result once the user enters any text in the search box.
  • #157250 Backend>> User getting error message as payment status changed to \Reverse\"."
  • #157258 Front End>> Filter improperly aligned once user select \Past Event\" in all Layout."
  • #157344 Front end>> UI of the Attendee list view getting distorted once the user enables and disables the settings.
  • #157349 Non-bootstrap template issues - JomSocial - create an event - ticket form is not looking proper
  • #157582 Backend>> User unable to install JT pkg on-site and getting some error on the screen.
  • #157650 Frontend>> Admin not able to check in the records from the front end.
  • #157728 Not able to book a ticket if the ticket amount is 48.78 and tax 23%
  • #157821 Email and phone no of attendee should be required while billing
  • #157839 Front end>> Tax is not reflecting on the billing detail page.
  • #157918 Frontend>> Loading animation is not fully visible while applying the expired coupon on the event.
  • #159423 Backend - Add Venue - Address field need to display as mandatory
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