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JTicketing 4.1.2 maintenance release


We are very happy to announce a brand new update of our Joomla event ticketing extension. JTicketing 4.1.2 fixes many bugs reported by our subscribers.

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Read on for more details about the features and for the detailed changelog.


^ Bug Fixes (34) -

Bug 203086 Fatal error during the guest user checkout

Bug 202814 Warning message displayed on Preview Ticket

Bug 202813 If an order is in the initiated state then the attendee status should not be changed

Bug 202812 My Tickets view > Warning on the Ticket page

Bug 202809 Show-category-pin-view > The Image display

Bug 202503 Attendee view > Move attendee functionality

Bug 202345 Venue creation page > The online venue with external meeting view functionality.

Bug 202177 Self-enrollment functionality for registered users

Bug 202163 Performance issue while changing the status of the attendee.

Bug 202117 BE > Orders > Order status cancel to change the page should not reload

Bug 202117 BE > Events > Ticket view

Bug 202024 FE > Event detail page > Read description more and less

Bug 201745 FE > Event detail page > Warning while schema plugin is enabled

Bug 201621 FE > Users not able to enter the meeting for the Zoom event

Bug 201619 FE > Event detail page > Warning for offline event

Bug 201619 FE > Event detail page > The images are displayed multiple times

Bug 201619 Fatal error while 'undo check in' the attendee listing page

Bug 201451 Fatal error while the payment process

Bug 198130 EasySocial > Error while creating the first event

Bug 197684 FE > Radio type attendee field issue on j3x

Bug 197684 Bootstrap 5 tab functionality

Bug 198825 Ticket price added with digit

Bug 196625 Upload and display an image with the recommended dimension

Bug 199483 Ticket booking loading homepage

Bug 199483 Event redirect mail to the event detail page

Bug 199825 Allow guests to book ticket functionality

Bug 199825 when you go to the sales report and click on the event name to see the attendees. It jumps to a completely different event when you click on the drop-down

Bug 200719 Wrong information display on Vendor Details on Invoice

Bug 201191 Calendar view display correctly

Bug 201075 FE > My Events > Name-card Sheet UI display correctly

Bug 201563 Module > Event listing > Multiple times event image display

Bug 202045 FE > Waiting List > Email body field UI display correctly

Bug 200826 JTicketing Privacy Plugin is not compatible with j4x

Bug 203211 Integration with JEvents: Cannot create/save events


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