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Joomla for News Portals


News Portals require a unique combination of features. If you are thinking about creating your own news portal, several requirements will come to the fore.

In this blog, we will touch upon various features needed for news portals & how Joomla can help you create your own news portal. 

Let's take a look at some typical features that every news portal has.



Video speaks a thousand words and is the most engaging format on the internet. VNR or video news release has become a most sought after feature to promote new technology, product releases, etc.

News Categorization

It is always essential to categorize news so that newsreaders can easily navigate to the news section of their choice.

Commenting feature

People always love to express their opinions and the commenting feature empowers them to express their like or dislike for a particular news.


Polls are great to engage users and gauge the popularity of the poll topic with respect to the audience.

Social sharing

With the ever-increasing penetration of social media, each news portal should have a feature to share the news articles across different social media.


News articles provide updates on a wide variety of topics like sports, politics, etc.

Recent News

A must-have for every news portal where users can stay updated with all the recent news.

Breaking News

Breaking news is news of wide interest to the users and is the most significant story that grabs the user’s attention.


News portals thrive on donations provided by its readers. Besides this, many news portals have subscription plans that cater to their exclusive users.

Search box

Users should be easily able to search for news articles and videos across the website.

Ability to sign up for the newsletter

News portals should have a feature where users can sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest news updates in their inbox.

Image and Video Gallery

An image and video gallery is vital to highlight the related news.


A lot of news portals sponsor events that add to their advertising revenue. 


A sidebar is essential for news websites for a smooth user experience and easy navigation for the news articles.

Slider module

Slider module is very useful for news rotation for headline rotation on news portals.

Different modules

News portals should have different modules to publish different news items like images, videos, etc.

Why use Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful CMS that powers more than 8% of the websites on the internet. Joomla is SEO friendly, secure and is supported by an ever-growing Joomla community. Many popular websites are created using Joomla. Many news websites have been created using Joomla. For eg-The Hill. Many news-related extensions are available on the Joomla Extensions Directory. 

The RAXO All-mode pro website provides a variety of templates, news modules, and layouts to create an amazing news portal. Newspapers contain advertisements and so do online news portals. Almost every website has an advertising space reserved for its advertisers. 

Using SocialAds, site advertisers can display ads on their news portal and earn revenue depending upon the advertising model. An extension like JLike lets you add commenting along with like and dislike functionality to news posts.

Besides this, a variety of Joomla news templates are available from a variety of template providers that can not only enhance the layout and design of the news portals but also improve readability and user navigation. The templates are also equipped with numerous features like content categories, social sharing, etc.

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