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JTicketing 2.7 brings feedback form for events, certificate for event attendees, sign-in sheet and name card sheet


We have yet another major release for JTicketing. JTicketing 2.7 brings some amazing new features to the Joomla Event ticketing space. Event attendees can now submit feedback for the attended events. They can now get certificates for their checked-in events. 

With this release, we have empowered the event owners. Event owners can now print stickers using the name card sheet and using the printed sign-in sheet, event owners can get manual signatures of the event attendees.

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Besides this, there are many bug fixes that have been shipped. We encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible!  Read on for the details and for the complete changelog.

Certificate for event attendees 

Event attendees who check-in to your events are now rewarded and recognized with rich personalized certificates. JTicketing allows you to easily create multiple certificate templates and they can be completely personalized using a variety of replacement tags.

Besides this, you can also select the certificate template pdf orientation-Portrait or landscape view for your certificate.

Feedback form for events

With the JTicketing 2.7 release, we have integrated JTicketing with RSForm to create feedback forms for events. Event attendees will be emailed the feedback form after they have attended the event to register their feedback. 

New Sign-in sheet, Name card sheet and attendee CSV export from the event list view

JTicketing 2.7 introduces the feature to print and view the sign-in sheet and name card sheet. With the sign-in sheet, event owners can easily track the attendees attending his event. The name card of attendees can be used as stickers by the event owners. We have also introduced an option for attendee CSV Export from the event list view.

Attendee view improvements for the attendee name column

In the earlier releases, only the logged-in user’s details were displayed in the attendee sheet even though his booked ticket had other attendees. We have made improvements to the attendee view and included all the attendee names mentioned while booking the ticket.

Complete Changelog

Features(4) -

Feature #147195 - Certificate for Events users who attended

Feature #154906 - Attendee Sign-in sheet print, print Name card of attendee and attendee CSV export from the event list view

Feature #153970 - Associate Feedback Form with an Event

Feature #153428 - Attendees view improvements for the attendee name column

Bugs(13) -

Bug #109314 Display activity field if and only if the component configuration for activity is ON

Bug #138300 [Event detail page-frontend]- Title case changed from Small to caps when user select filters images/videos

Bug #138301 [Waiting list-backend]- UI defect for the error message

Bug #152887 JT > control panel > monthly sales chart:: not displaying anything related to current month

Bug #152891 control panel > records count didn't match with the actual result

Bug #152891 control panel > records count didn't match with the actual result

Bug #152893 control panel >> event the records are disabled the system displays the count

Bug #153303 All events >> this month filter not display all records according to  data

Bug #154485 Duplicate order in orders list view

Bug #154980 Back-end >> coupon >> while creating coupon selecting vendor automatically

Bug #155332 Inclusive fees are not getting applied

Bug #155365 Display ticket description without clicking on the information symbol

Bug #155371 Not able to create a single event menu

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