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Headless Joomla using Angular and Algolia


We had been working with our customer Osians, to build a knowledge base site for the years of archival work they had been doing documenting over 200 years of contemporary Indian culture. The catalog currently boasts of over 125,000 records documented with details.

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How to get ‘btn-group’ buttons in plain html?

How to get ‘btn-group’ buttons in plain html?

We all know how to get those nice colored buttons for Radio form field type, its by adding class="btn-group” in the xml argument for that field. There can be an exception to this, if you are not able to have a form field in your view? And you still crave for those nice colored buttons? Here is how you can have those buttons with some plain HTML, CS...

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Rolling out CSS/JavaScript changes with heavy browser caching


Most of us have been in this scenario. We have spent hours tweaking our Joomla site using numerous tools like Google Page Speed, YSlow and made those adjustments to shelve those important milliseconds from page load times. You've added gzip, Joomla caching and also enabled month long caching via the .htaccess file. The site now works fast. Cool!

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JTicketing Roadmap 2013-14. See whats coming up!


Our extensions are regularly maintained & we keep adding new features to extensions periodically. Features are based on our users feedback on the forums, via Tickets, email & Social Channels. Do Comment on this article & give us your Feedback. Your inputs shall be considered in order to convert this Draft roadmap to a frozen one. Commen...

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Email Beautifier 1.5.3 version released


EB Joomla 2.5 Compatibleext comext pluginext lang

We have released Email Beautifier version 1.5.3 which contains bug fixes for reported bugs. Please check the changelog given below.

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Email Beautifier V1.04 has been released


Email Beautifier V1.0.4 has been released today with some fixes. We have upgraded Emogrifier the cool library that converts CSS to inline to work with Email Viewers & also made some changes to the Skipping logic since Skipping wasn't working for some extensions.

The Extension can be downloaded by users with active subscriptions effective immediately. Read On for the Full changelog

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Blank Message bug in CB Network Suggest Solved


A bug that was reported which caused a blank popup when you clicked on 'Request Connection'  has now been solved. Additionally all styling has now been moved to an external CSS file. Any new feature requests are welcome. Use the feature tracker to submit them. Thanks James for reporting this bug!

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