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Joomla REST API v2.4 released with User Impersonation Support


In the past few months, we have made lots of incremental upgrades to com_api, our REST API extension for Joomla. For those who are not aware, com_api is a quick and easy way to add REST APIs to Joomla. Extensible via plugins, you can easily add support for more Joomla extensions.

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Quick2cart v2.2 Beta is available to subscribers for testing


Hello all,

We are announcing the availability of Quick2cart v2.2 beta to subscribers. We know you are eagerly waiting for the stable release to come out soon and start using it. Things didn't go as we planned this time and some of the features took more time than we expected. At present, we are done with the new features implementation(mentioned in the changelog below) and we are now working on the bug-fixes and QA.

We are sorry about the delay caused, and as a token appreciating your patience, we will be extending subscription by 1 month from the release date of stable version for all those subscribers whose subscriptions expired in August. Please read on for the release changelog and instructions 

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JTicketing 1.4.6 released!


Hey All, We are releasing JTicketing 1.4.6 with some minor fixes and small feature.  Features #26014  Added to embed ticket HTML in email. Also added configuration Task #25689  FOF and strapper updated Bug Fixes#26013  Event saving problem solved for JomSocial #25688  Issue while editing JomSocial event   #25687  Resolved js Conflict with Rockbox p...

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Blank Message bug in CB Network Suggest Solved


A bug that was reported which caused a blank popup when you clicked on 'Request Connection'  has now been solved. Additionally all styling has now been moved to an external CSS file. Any new feature requests are welcome. Use the feature tracker to submit them. Thanks James for reporting this bug!

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