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Quick2cart v2.2 Beta is available to subscribers for testing


Hello all,

We are announcing the availability of Quick2cart v2.2 beta to subscribers. We know you are eagerly waiting for the stable release to come out soon and start using it. Things didn't go as we planned this time and some of the features took more time than we expected. At present, we are done with the new features implementation(mentioned in the changelog below) and we are now working on the bug-fixes and QA.

We are sorry about the delay caused, and as a token appreciating your patience, we will be extending subscription by 1 month from the release date of stable version for all those subscribers whose subscriptions expired in August. Please read on for the release changelog and instructions 

Release Changelog

*Do not install this on a live site. Please make sure you install and test this on a test site or on localhost. *

SEO Enhancements
Feature #28132: Add support for open-Graph (OG) tags and Micro-data
Feature #28372: Native Product Manager: SEO - Add meta keywords and meta description fields
Feature #31531: Add Social Sharing buttons on product details page via native Facebook, G+, Twitter and Add this to the native product manager

CCK Multivendor

Feature #28135: Backend: Backend Product list view shows products from All CCKs as well as the native product manager in one unified view.
Feature #28500: Frontend My Product list view shows products from All CCKs as well as the native product manager in one unified view.

UI/UX Improvements

Feature #28371: New Multi-Vendor dashboard design for frontend
Feature #28133: Pin layout for all native product Manager views & better responsive support
Feature #21033: Provide facility to create a menu for showing products from the specific category for the native product manager
Feature #28127: Improved One page Ajax checkout
Feature #28630: Improved Admin Ecommerce Dashboard
^ Added additional filters and better search to backend list views
^ All backend list views are made responsive

Admin / Overall

Feature # 24601: Add option to send email to admin when a vendor add/edits store information
Feature #26450: Add config to set default country for the checkout page
Feature #28960: To minimize js conflicts - Create asset loader plugin for quick2cart
Feature #29728: Backend Store list to let admin add/delete/edit/ approve stores from the backend
Feature #31251: Force Single store checkout
^ Revamped configuration to make it more intuitive and logical


Feature #29176: Native embedded Easysocial Apps for User Store & Products bought by the user apps
Feature #28691: Activity stream integration for EasySocial & JomSocial for Buy Products, Add Products and Add Store activities.
Feature #28700: Points System Integration for EasySocial and JomSocial for Buy Products, Add Products and Add Store activities.
Feature #28007: provide an option for choosing which Social integration to use or not at all
Feature #28720: People Who Bought this product display with EasySocial/JomSocial Avatars

Shipping & Taxation

Feature #27315: Country & region manager with multilingual support
Feature #28756: Ability to create Geographic Zones per store
Feature # 21748: Configure Tax Rates and create tax profiles per store for flexible taxation in both single and multivendor modes
Feature #21747: Flexible Shipping Manager with Multi-Vendor Support
Feature #30823: Global configuration to enable/disable shipping & or taxation.

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