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JTicketing 2.4.0 brings frontend coupon creation, event-based coupons and venue gallery


We are very excited to bring you a brand new release of JTicketing, version 2.4. This release brings improvements to the coupon system as well as a brand new venue gallery which is a great way to show off your venues. The Coupons system now allows the creation of Vendor specific coupons, Event specific coupons and also allows creation from the frontend! Read on for complete details of this release.

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Venue gallery for events

We have introduced the venue gallery for events with JTicketing 2.4.0. While we already have an Event level gallery, if you are reusing venues a venue based gallery is a great way to show them off. Supporting images as well as videos, it adds a new tab to the Event detail view. In the future, we will also plan to add views to directly access Venues and their calendars. This is another step in that direction. Note that you will need to enable the venue gallery via the backend configuration.

Event-based coupons and front end coupon creation

Earlier we had a global coupon manager which was applied to all the events and only the site admin could create coupons. With JTicketing 2.4, we have enhanced the multi-vendor functionality in JTicketing by enabling vendors to create coupons for their events from the frontend. If a vendor creates a coupon from the frontend then that coupon will be specific to his event(s). While creating the event, the vendor can also choose one of his events to make a coupon specific to an event. Admins will also be allowed to select vendors while creating coupons to create vendor-specific coupons from the backend.

EasySocial integration - Able to create an event with a ticket or normal EasySocial event

In the earlier versions of JTicketing, we were creating a free ticket against EasySocial event by default in case of EasySocial integration with JTicketing. We had received feedback from most of our subscribers that they should be given a choice to decide if they need ticketing while creating events. This release introduces this option

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