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Meet us at J And Beyond 2011

Its a great pleasure for us to be here & at And Beyond, the grandest & the bestest & the coolest & the......( well i am out of adjectives here ! ) Joomla conference ever ! With 200+ Joomla developers & integrators from over 35 countries here, its going to be great to meet the greats in the Joomla community & get a chance to ...

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6 More extensions Joomla 1.6 Compatible !

Its a great pleasure to announce that 6 more of our extensions are now Joomla 1.6 compatible ! Joining the 1.6 native extensions are Network Suggest, People You May Know & Mutual Friends for both CB & JomSocial. Note that in case of JomSocial , all these extensions are also JomSocial 2.2 compatible. Besides the 1.6 compatibility, we have also included quite a lot of Bug fixes & some feature additions in all the extensions. For the full changelog, please click on read more. Users with active subscriptions shall be able to download the extensions in the My Subscriptions area.

With these releases, now the major extensions that are still in development for Joomla 1.6 compatibility are J!Bolo, SocialAds & J!MailAlerts. Of these you can expect SocialAds & J!MailAlerts to be out by end of next week, while J!Bolo will take more time as its undergoing a full rewrite. Stay tuned for more updates !

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SocialAds 2.5 Features - another teaser :)

Its been a while since we wrote the last blog post about SocialAds 2.5 & upcoming features. Last time we just showed you a little bit of what was planned. This blog post will take you through the rest of the planned features. We got very tied up with a lot of releases & klind of forgot to get this out !  SocilalAds 2.5 may come any moment now .. while you wait, here's what to expect :)

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Offer from Joomlaxi Custommers !

Need to get those special features of Social networks like Facebook & LinkedIn ? Grow ! Engage ! Monetize ! Viral Invitations system for Joomla, JomSocial & CB. J!Bolo. Facebook & Gmail like Chat for Joomla,JomSocial & CB Facebook like demographic ad system for JomSocial & CB Buy Now ! Buy Now ! Buy Now ! Need More features like...

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Invitex 2.0 with loads of new features including LinkedIn API invitations & Joomla 1.6 support released.

Invitex 2.0

Invitex 2.0 comes with a host of new features & loads of bug fixes. The biggest of the features are a new Invite Method called Social Networks which uses native APIs to import contacts & send invites, which is extendible via Plugins. In this series, the first plugin we have is for LinkedIn ( Facebook shall be added real soon !) . Also added is support for Social Network plugins from Open Inviter.

Besides this, we have support for JomSocial & Alpha User Points, a brand new email template, Invitation expiry, a plugin event to allow integration with Affiliate programs ( We have worked with Dioscouri on this one for their Amigos Affiliate system) , ability to select allowed Invite methods, a revamped admin with easier configuration & best of all ability to send emails via a system plugin for those who dont want to go into the trouble of setting a cron job.  Phew ! Thats quite a list.. But thats not all.. It comes with a ton of bug fixes & UI improvements. And last but not by any means, the least... is native support for Joomla 1.6 ! Yay ! This is our first 1.6 release :)  Please read on for the full change log. Subscribers can download the release from My Subscriptions. The documentation has been updated but the screens in the same shall be updated shortly. Have fun with the mega release !

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SocialAds 2.1 - Bug fix release is out

SocialAds 2.1 is out. This is mainly a bug fix release with no extra features as such. Its a recommended upgrade for all using older version of SocialAds..If you are still on SocialAds 1.X its time you upgraded your installation to the 2.X series which is a major feature upgrade. Those with active subscriptions can find the new release in the My Subscriptions area. Please read on for full change log..

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Joomla Mind Control Alpha Released...

Checkout Our Joomla April Fools Joke for 2011....

  • Have you even felt the need to Blog when you are travelling ?
  • Have had this constant urge to publish that article right then & there ?
  • Just realised you had forgotten to unpublish that Holiday Notice ?

{jb_lightbulb}Worry not.. Joomla Mind Control is here !{/jb_lightbulb}

While people have been busy building Admin apps for Joomla that work on the Iphone & what not, we have been busy taking it all a step further. The release has been delayed due to constant architectural changes with Joomla 1.0 then 1.5 & now 1.6 coming. Due to our long development cycle we have had to always adapt our code to the latest release  :(

{jb_pin}We know Google is trying to get people to Move with Google Motion, but we realise that people are really lazy & want to give a solution that people will actually use.. Please read on for details on downloads & how to use.. {/jb_pin}

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JBolo 2.9.2 IE compatibility release

JBolo 2.9.2 is mainly a Internet explorer ver 7 & 8 compatibility release to fix some known issues in IE 7 & 8. Also from this version on IE6 support is officially dropped. It also has some UI fixes that will also make it work better in other browsers. The JBolo 2.9.X series from here on will only have maintenance releases & all new fea...

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Beating the summer heat with Rangapanchami !

Summer months in India can be supremely hot with temperatures going as high as 48 Deg C in some regions ! What better way to beat the heat than water ? We grabbed our chance to get drenched & splashed with colours on Rangapanchami. Check out our "Coloured" faces at our Photo Gallery ! At Techjoomla & Tekdi Web Solutions we believe in having...

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Joomla finally takes a REST!

Introduction Joomla can now finally take a REST! Techjoomla has released the long awaited REST API for Joomla. The release is released under the GPL license & is completely free to download & use. Built on an architecture similar to XMLRPC, this API is easily extendible using plugins. So if you have an extension need a REST API for it, just...

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Techjoomla- The Road to Joomla 1.6

Hey All,

All of you have been asking us about where we stand on Joomla 1.6 compatibility so I thought its time we give you an update of the status.

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Something bubbling in SocialAds 2.5

Hey All !
Sorry to surprise you.. so soon with a Blog about SocialAds 2.5 just after the 2.0 Stable release.. While the Beta was out for testers, we weren't just sitting & waiting around for Bugs to arise..
We were already working on the next Major release of SocialAds thanks to a sponsor who agreed to chip in to get a lot of our features that were actually months ago done right away ! In fact, we plan to name the release after this client ! All I can tell you in the intro is that the changes in 2.5 are absolute dynamite.. We are packaging pure advertising power in this release to blow your mind away :) & make you even more money ;) To tease you even more, we are going to be doing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks & unravel one feature after another ! Over to Dipti for the details ..

Parth Lawate

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Adding Plugin triggers in your extensions. How & Why?

Why have plugin triggers?

The ability to add Plugin Triggers in your Joomla extensions, is a great asset to developers which is not always used to the fullest extent.. Having various Plugin events in your extension means that you give other developers the ability to extend your extension, or modify it to suit their requirements without having to hack core files. The same logic that is used by Joomla content plugins or JomSocial plugins etc can also be applied to your extensions.

Use of Plugin triggers when hacking/ modifying extensions

At Tekdi Web Solutions we do a lot of Joomla Service & get client needs to modify extensions left & right. Where possible this is always done using Plugins & overrides. But the time comes when a hack has to be made. To reduce the impact, instead of modifying the whole extension, we just add plugin triggers where needed & usually send back the modifications to the original developer where possible. This serves two purposes. One is that the code maintenance is way easier & its very easy to document & identify these small hacks. Secondly, there is always a chance that if the main dev accepts your patch, these "hacks" might become regularised in the future.  Even if they aren't, it's still much easier to re-patch the extension with plugin triggers.

So in order to share this knowledge, I asked one of our Developers, Shantanu to write a small blog about how you can go about adding triggers. Shantanu is just one of the new bloggers I shall be introducing to this blog in the next few weeks. So stay tuned for more!
Over to Shantanu for the same! Read on to read the full blog!

Parth Lawate

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SocialAds 2.0 Stable is here with CB Support & loads more !

Hey Folks ! We have some great news for all those CB fans out there !
SocialAds 2.0 with support for Community Builder is here ! Now CB based networks will get the ability to use this easy to use tool to monetise their sites.  I am sure this announcement will bring smiles on a lot of faces ! The Beta testing period was extended to ensure that most issues were reported & fixed but its finally here .

Besides the added support for CB, SocialAds 2.0 packs loads of new features as well as tons of Bug Fixes..

New Features include :

1. Community Builder Integration Option
2. Charge per day
3. Fuzzy & Exact Mapping option for Text fields & Targeting Engine Revamp
4. Quick Stats in the Approve Ads view
5. View Ignores & Ignore Stats
6. Offline Payment methods
7. Guest Ads

Read our Blog here for more details on how all the above works & looks !

Read on for the full change log & Upgrade instructions , please read on. The release is available to all subscribers in the My Subscriptions area. P.S. Watch out for a Blog later this week about SocialAds 2.5 Beta ;) Yes 2.5 !

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Introducing the Interns for 2010-11

We have taken on 4 Interns this year from various colleges in Pune. These guys shall be working on a variety of technologies with us & we wish them luck & hope they will have loads of fun doing it ! Throughout their training period, all of them will be blogging about what they are learning as part of the collaborative learning experience th...

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