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JBolo 2.9.3 with Joomla 1.6 support & lots of improvement is here !

Yay ! Its finally here ! JBolo! Chat is here with Joomla 1.6 support. We are sorry to have kept you waiting for all this time !  Besides 1.6 compatibility, we have added tons of fixes including CSS & JS compression which means that JBolo will load much faster . Plus support for new MS Office files has been added in the file sending. We have also done a Quick installaler now for JBolo that will take care of a lot of the settings that you had to do manually earlier. So its even user now to get started with the chat system on your site. Also added are some more improvements in relation to the Javascript that will minimise any chances of conflicts with other extensions or templates even further.

Go ahead & give it a try ! Users with Active subscriptions can download the extensions from the My Subscriptions menu ! Please read on for a full change log.

Change Log :

3936     Bug Minimise icon needs to be corrected
4332     Task Add a check for showing "if configuration file is writable"
4521     Bug    CB plugin privacy issue
4999     Bug    DB prefix standardisation in site/controller.php
5136     Bug  DB prefix standardisation in helper.php in mod_jbolo
5606     Task Merge all JS dynamically as single JS & Minify it
5684     Bug  Send file not working in mozila
5137     Bug Comma at the end of "Enter the Bad Words you want to filter:" like this "abc,ced,ef," treats all chats as bad words
5546     Bug Chat userlist is not getting updated unless you refresh manually
5551     Task Add support for new MS-OFFICE file types in file send feature(docm,docx,dotm,dotx,ppsm,ppsx,pptm,pptx,xlsb,xlsm,xlsx,xps)
5552     Task Joomla 1.6 conversion for Jbolo
5553     Task Create a common installation package for jbolo
5554     Bug Sound not working on safari browser (in some cases)
5557     Task Clicking on profile picture should take to corresponding user profile in CB and JomSocial integration
5608     Task Load all CSS & JS dynamically(added option for compression in system plugin)
5623     Task Add all JS,CSS scripts into head tag
5629     Bug    Chat messages with apostrophe ' are skipped or not shown

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