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Giving back to the community

We love doing our bit for the community when we can & are very entusiastic about spreading the Joomla k nowledge via Joomla days, conferences & JUG meetings. These events in our opinion Show the real spirit behind what Joomla is.. & what community is. We are active members of Joomla User Groups in Pune & Mumbai & know what it takes to get together such events.

As a token of our appreciation & as a way of giving back to the community, we make it a point to donate to as many events as we can in giving out both Goodies, Cash Sponsorships & even in some cases by spending our speakers to events. Plus we have an open offer to get any of our extensions completely free for use on a Joomla Day /JUG Website. Here's a brief review of how we can help you with your Joomla Events & in any other way we can :)

Sponsorships & Help

A. Cash Sponsorships

We are a small company, but we make it a point to earmark a small budget to giving cash sponsorships to Joomla Days around the world. We cant take on your bigger sponsorship packages yet, but can definitely try our best to give you what we can.

B. Goodies to give out to your Participants

How can it be a Joomla Day without awesome gifts for your attendees ? We can help by giving out lots of our product subscriptions as goodies for your attendees. Just drop us an email with your request & we'll get back to you on pronto !

C. Send in speakers to speak 

When possible we are always eager to go & meet the Joomla community. We have been working with Joomla for quite a while now & always love to share what we have learned. So if you need a speaker for your event, let us know . Though this might not be financially possible for us everytime, we will definitely try.

D. Recycled Bags anyone ?

We sponsered Recycled Newspaper bags made by an Indian NGO in Pune called as Nirmalya Trust for Joomla Day India 2011 & Joomla Day Malasia 2011. These bags are made by the physically challenged. If you would like to get such bags for your event, dont hesitate to contact them !

E. Need Help getting more sponsors ?

We have been organising Joomla Days for a while & know people that would be interested in sponsoring your Joomla Days too. Drop us a line & we'll see what we can do to get the word around !

F. Free Extensions for JUG & Joomla Day Websites

Yup. If you want to use any of our extensions on a JUG or Joomla Day website, we'll give it to you for free ! All we need from you is that you are a registered JUG & have a working website. If you can include us in your credits we apreciate it.. but its not a must ! The Request has to be made from an official JUG Contact.

Drop in any of your requests for the above to [email protected]

G. A Mobile App for your Event !

We are now offering a sponsored Mobile App development to get your Next Joomla Event an awesome smartphone app for IOS & Android. We have developed several event apps to date & have seen that these are a pretty cool value addition for both attendees & Sponsors. Read more details here

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