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Calling Extension Devs -

Hey Joomla Extension Devs, we have some awesome news for you all !

We have started a new experiment called as DealsInJoomla ( to ease the process of promoting extensions to the Joomla user community. With Joomla serving over 5% of sites world wide, Joomla Extension Devs have a huge market open to us. The key is to get to every user using Joomla effectively & efficiently. 


With DealsInJoomla, users shall be offered the best of incentives to sign up - the lowest & the coolest of deals in Joomla. 

As part of the launch which is planned to be in a month from now, we plan to give the biggest collection of deals Joomla has ever had in its history. It would be great if you can give a nice deal from your company as part of the Launch. We are encouraging high value deals ( 40% & up) so that maximum users take benefit. Also we request you to promote the website with a short paragraph & logo in your newsletter if possible.

Post Launch, you shall be able to login & add your own deals to the website. These shall be featured on the website & also emailed to the subscribers as Email Digests on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly Basis as per their choice.

The launch Deal partner logo shall be featured on the prelaunch site as well as for 15 Days post launch on the home page of the launch site.  The Deals shall be sent both via email & also be available on the website.

How Does a Extension Developer Participate in the Launch Promotion - "The Biggest Joomla Deal Ever" ?

In Order to Participate in the Launch promotion, the Extension developer needs to do the following :
A. Cross promote DealsInJoomla by slotting a small paragraph & logo about it in their Newsletters
B. Next they give us a minimum 20% Discount code for their products ( Higher the better.. we recommend 40%)  that is exclusive to Prelaunch Signups at DealsInJoomla Only the initial signups will have access to this code for a period of  minimum 5 days. 

To be part of the Launch, please fill out the form here :

Recommended Cross Promotion Text is as below :

logoWe have teamed up this month with DealsInJoomla to get you access to "The Biggest Deal in Joomla Ever ! " This awesome deal is only for people who sign up at before the launch in August. This deal shall include huge discount coupons from leading Joomla Extension providers worldwide. DealsInJoomla is your one stop solution to the lowest & coolest deals from Joomla Extension Developers ! So Sign up today & be eligible to receive some Awesome deals !

How will the Site work Post Launch ?

Adding a Deal ( For Developers) 

1. Register & logon to as a “Deal Partner”
2. Use a simple form to submit your deal to the site with Deal Title, Description, Coupon Code, Value, Validity, Tags & Categories. Thats it ! 

How will we promote your Deal ?

1. Users subscribing to the site will get Deal Updates via email as per their preference
2. Your deal shall be showcased in the deal directory on the website
3. DealsInJoomla twitter account will tweet about the deal
4. The deal shall be pushed to our Facebook page

I am a User & I want access to the Best Joomla Deals. 

The site i designed to be super simple for users. We suggest you sign up right away on the site to be eligible for the Launch Deal. 

1. Post Launch, you shall need to register on the site to get access to Joomla deals. 
2. You can also opt to get Deal Digests via email & configure them to extensions of your choice.  

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