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SocialAds 2.5.1 Bug Fix release is here.

SocialAds 2.5.1 is a bug fix release . We recommend you update your SocialAds installation immediately so that you can get these fixes. This release also includes some minor changes based on feedback post the 2.5 release.  We recommend that you update to this release ASAP.  All Subscribers can download the latest release from the 'My Subscriptions' . For a full Changelog, read on..

Bugs Fixed / Features Added:

Bug #5256: Lots of Language strings missing
Bug #5499: Warning on loading the paypal view in case of J! 1.6
Bug #5427: warning "Couldn't find constant JPATH_" on installation in J! 1.6
Bug #5446: php short tag used in managezone file
Bug #5456: Administrator cannot create alternate ads
Bug #5457: MySql Error on installation page
Bug #5459: warning error on ad stats page
Bug #5460: the graph for impressions not showing correct stats
Bug #5500: Adshelper Warning msg
Bug #5621: Not able to create new zone when per date pricing is not selected
Bug #5628: Fatal error on adshelper file
Bug #5642: not redirecting to site when payment through Paypal

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