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Learn about our Joomla Community Support Challenge !

TWS now has a Community Support goal for its Joomla Trainees !

The Joomla Community Support Challenge !

Our Parent Company Tekdi Web Solutions has launched a Joomla Community Support Challenge for its new Trainees. Here's a Snapshot

  • Each trainee starting the 20th of June shall aim for Posting 30 useful posts on the Joomla forums per day.
  • The trainees have a collective goal to contribute 3000 useful posts to the Joomla forums by the 20th of July.
  • The trainees shall be paid their regular salaries but will work for the Joomla community during this period.

Watch out for our trainees on the Joomla forums with the following signature !

My Name is. Trainee @ Tekdi Web Solutions. | Techjoomla.
TWS's Community Support Goal: Contribute 3000 useful posts to the Joomla forums by July 20
*Note I am a Joomla Trainee trying to help! I am not an expert..Yet !

Read more about this challenge on the website.

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June 2011

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