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SocialAds 4.0.2 is here with HTML5 Ads support, ability to create copy of existing ads and much more


We are happy to release SocialAds 4.0.2 with the much awaited HTML5 Ads support. Besides this, one can easily create copies of existing ads from both frontend as well as backend. We have introduced an option to select the device on which Ad will be displayed (mobile OR desktop OR Both). A new configuration has been added to configure user groups who can create unlimited ads. Besides this, we have also fixed many bugs reported by our subscribers in this release.

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Read on for the detailed changelog for new features, bug fixes and important notes related to this release.

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Why Am I Not Earning Enough from My Website Ads?


Minting money from a website is no more a novelty today. With the help of ample tools and tutorials that are available, one can easily start a website and monetize it using website ads. 

The caveat is that it involves meticulous planning and a robust strategy, which is something that some website owners fail to pay attention to and lose money (and sleep) by not earning enough from the website – despite having good content and value to offer. 

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7 Types of Ads That Your Advertising Solution Should Support


Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most popular and effective tools for marketers. These ads allow marketers to precisely target their audience, create brand awareness, and interact with their consumers. The best part is that this is also one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising for brands.

With numerous social media platforms supporting advertising, it is no surprise that several brands and businesses, and even individuals are making a beeline for getting the word out there.

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Rejuvenate Joomla banner ads with SocialAds 3.1!

Rejuvenate Joomla banner ads with SocialAds 3.1!

The most awaited release of the year is here! SocialAds is now way more cooler, faster, flexible. With this release we have not only introduced some awesome features but refactored the entire code which is better organized architecturally for more extensibility. What’s new? Surprise! Bootstrap 3 with backwards compatibility SocialAds will be set to...

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Tips and Tricks to Maximize the Advertising revenues from your Joomla site with SocialAds


Digital Advertising has always been a tough job when it comes to the look of your website and the reputation of your site with respect to the end user. In such cases, too much advertising is what tends to happen. Instead of increasing the brand goodwill it can hamper it. Special care needs to be taken to optimize the use of available real estate. H...

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Geolocation comes to SocialAds !

It gives us great pleasure to announce the availability of SocialAds 2.7 which comes with the awesome power of Geolocation Targeting! Social Targeting for CB & JomSocial has always been one of the most powerful features of SocialAds. But ads targeting guests were missing the ability to target. Now with Geolocation, its possible to now target Gu...

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